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Interview Nerves Hypnosis
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Reviews and Testimonials using  Alan Gilchrist and Fast Track Hypnosis

Over the years my waiting room walls have gathered quite a lot of letters from past clients telling of how Alan Gilchrist Fast Track Hypnosis has helped them to stop smoking. Many people coming through my door for the first time will say to me ” I bet you haven’t heard of my problem before”.

Then I would point to a letter from someone with a similar problem.

All the Reviews for Alan Gilchrist and Testimonials on this page are genuine and from clients who have successfully overcame interview nerves using my system.

Please note, the original letters and emails are held at my Belfast office.

Hi Alan,

Sorry for the late reply I was with you a few weeks ago but my interview got postponed until 4/10/16.

I am delighted to tell you I have been successful and start my new role on Mon.

This role will bring new challenges and I know that by continuing to listen to your CD that I can face them head on.

Thank you very much for your help and I will definitely be recommending your services.


Maria Mc……………….

“Following interview after interview and failure after failure I went to visit Alan in preparation for a job I really wanted.
I had been attending interviews for almost 2 years and got more nervous the more I had, causing me to panic and lose track of what I was saying when answering the questions.

I went to visit Alan 5 days before my interview and he gave me a cd to listen to in the lead up as many times as possible. I still had nerves but this time I was able to control them much better and when I lost my train of thought in one of the questions I had the confidence to stop, take a drink, ask the panel to repeat the question and go again.
I was also much more confident in how I presented myself to the panel.

Alas, I got the job I wanted. I am very grateful to Alan for his support. Laura”

Dear Alan, 3 February 2016
Just to let you know I had my interview yesterday (Tuesday).

I practiced the self-hypnosis technique you taught last Saturday. As you say, it takes a bit of practice. Trying to focus your mind without it wandering off in other directions is quite difficult, but after a few goes you overcome this, become very focussed and you definitely “get it” in the end.

I know you said the more you practice the more refined the technique becomes, so I will continue to do so.
I practiced the routine again on Tuesday morning before I left the house, normally I would be experiencing some apprehension at this stage, but no, nothing, which was a pleasant surprise.

Back to the interview.

My journey time was an hour and a half, plenty of time to panic, but again, nothing materialised despite being delayed some 15 minutes by a funeral. I arrived in good enough time and went thought my self -hypnosis routine as you suggested, after which I did indeed feel very calm and experienced none of my usual “pre interview palpitations”.

My sense of calm continued throughout the period of the interview and allowed me to focus on my answers rather than on controlling my nerves and the usual detachment between my brain and my mouth had disappeared !!

Indeed my clarity of thought and recall was perfect !

On reviewing the whole experience, if one can say this about an interview environment, it was almost enjoyable. The sense of calm extended beyond the end of the interview, allowing me to reflect on my performance in a positive and constructive way, rather than the usual outpouring of negative backlash I tended to impose upon myself following these experiences.

Regardless of the interview outcome, I’m walking away with a great sense of achievement and renewed confidence.

Thanks again for all your help.

Regards Jacqui.

PS Can you help with Excessive Post Interview Spending?? !!

Alan, I have an interview on the 1 May and you were recommended to me by my wife.

Would you have a session available to see me? Many thanks, N……..

Result ?


Thank you so much for the interview hypnosis session on the 25th April.
I was successful with the interview and your help really made the difference to me. I had been trying, without success, with similar interview posts for a few years now. I meant to contact you earlier to thank you but it has been a bit hectic with meeting new staff and making preparations to move to the new post etc.

My wife can tell you that I was a bit sceptical when she suggested meeting you, but eventually I could see her reasoning and am I glad that I did!.

I am still listening to the CD once a day. It is giving me the confidence to know that I will be a success in this new post. Thanks again Alan, N…….K……..

Before coming to see Alan Gilchrist I was in my final year at university and had already applied for a number of jobs. However, as the interview dates drew closer I became overwhelmed by panic and anxiety.

Given the current economic climate I was very aware that the competition for each job was fierce. I had a crisis of confidence regarding my ability to come across well in an interview. This affected me to such an extent that I began to cancel each of the interviews one by one, but my ability to face up to my fears regarding interviews just made me feel worse.

Finally a friend suggested hypnosis as a last ditch attempt to find the courage to face up to my interview fears.

I made an appointment to see Alan Gilchrist and had a session of ” Fast Track ” therapy. This session together with listening to the specially designed CD gave me the confidence to finally face my fears and turn up for an interview. Once in the interview the Hypnotherapy treatment also helped me to remain calm and relaxed even when faced with very challenging questions. I’m pleased to say that I was contacted later that week and offered the job!
Thanks Alan


I called you a couple of weeks go and my wife went to see you for interview nerves. She asked me to send you a quick message of thanks as she had no fear at all on the night of the interview’s (she actually did even better in the second one)
Well just to let you know she got the job she wanted and was very thankful to you and your work.
All the very best in the future and we will mention your name anytime we can.

Dear Alan,
I was in with you at the start of February – problem with panic attacks in promotion board interviews. I had my interview this morning so I thought I would let you know that it went fine. No Panic, flushes or light headedness this time. I went in and conducted myself with confidence and had no problem answering the questions. Any instances where my mind went blank , I was able to compose myself and get some sort of answer together after a quick “scan ” of my mind.
Like anyone after an interview , in hindsight I might have answered some questions differently but that is standard for most normal people in an interview situation.
I may or may not have hit the points the panel were looking for but a least I conducted myself assertively and with dignity.
Many thanks again Alan – think I have exorcised my “demons” , and would have no problem going for one of these criteria based interviews again. I’ll have to wait a month or so before the results come out , so whatever happens happens! Bye for now,

Dear Alan,
I attended yourself due to lack of confidence which was brought to the forefront by going to a job interview. Well I was successful in my Interview, I was more relaxed and focused an what I was saying and more in control. I was told later by the panel I did an excellent interview.

Dear Alan, Thank you so very, very much for everything you have taught me to do. YOU are the one who showed me the way and for that I will always be grateful! You make the world a better place for people like me. I wish you happiness and success in life too!

Dear Alan, sorry it has taken me so long to contact you. I attended you due to lack of confidence, which was brought to the forefront by going for a job interview. Well I was successful in my interview and have started my new job. During the interview I was more relaxed and focused on what I was saying, and more in control. I was told later by the panel I did and excellent interview.
Many thanks for all your help.”

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