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Weight Loss Woes? Not Anymore!

Christmas has long since gone and with it, the festive spirit, food and the parties. But, have the pounds you gained been lost in the interim?

Or are you still carrying around the pigs in blankets you ate throughout the festive period or the turkey curry shortly afterwards?

It’s unfortunate that the human race takes such pleasure in food. When it comes down to it, we’re animals. We’re bred to eat to live, not to live to eat. However over millennia of evolution, that is no longer the case.

Eating For Taste, Not for Nutritional Benefits!

We don’t analyse the nutritional advantages of one food over another; we eat for the taste. And more often than not, what tastes good is not of a nutritional benefit to the body. In fact, it’s the opposite. They’re usually detrimental.

The problem is programming that into the brain. Especially as our culture is centred on food. What is the Sunday lunch if not a chance to gather around a table of hearty food, while enjoying the company of good friends and close family? Our religious celebrations are just the same. On Christmas Day, it’s estimated that we eat three times our daily calorific needs. And don’t get me started on Easter and all of the eggs!

With our culture, shops offering nutritionally-poor foods at low costs and expedient fast food joints offering meals at relatively low prices and without the hassle of having to cook, it’s no wonder that we have an obesity epidemic on our hands.

Kick-start your life today; take the first step on the path to a slimmer you.

Hypnosis is a state of mind. It’s a time of peace, when the buzz that is daily life dissipates into a quiet hum. That tranquillity in itself is a therapy. In fact, a natural by-product of the whole process is stress relief. You can come to my clinics to lose weight or to stop smoking or to control your panic attacks and through it all, you will leave with a sense of inner balance. All is right with the world, because you are in control of yourself. You’ve basically had a mental tune-up.

Inducing the state of hypnosis is something that separates my clinics from the average practices about town. I use state of the art technology as well as Laser therapy to bring about this state of mind. The latter works upon the acupuncture principle; hovering a laser light over certain markers on the ear will stimulate the production of endorphins that are nature’s stress-relievers.


These techniques combine to create something I call Fast Track Hypnosis. As the state of hypnosis is fast tracked, doubling the time I have with my clients to focus on the subjects that count and not just urging you down the path to peace. And you have a choice of either the Weight Control Session or the Gastric Band Hypnosis Session.

Changing Our Beliefs

It’s here that we can change beliefs that have been set in stone. The very reason you eat, why you overindulge, we can address these topics here; find the solution and forever alter your relationship with food.

You might consider yourself as having a healthy attitude towards food. But are you overweight? A simple yes is proof positive that you and food are not the best of friends; at least, not where your health is concerned.

Binge eating is more than something a bulimic engages in. It’s what you do, when you’re at that Sunday lunch and you eat two Yorkshire Puddings, when you really only need the one to feel full. It’s having to unfasten the top button of your pants at the end of the meal, because you’ve overindulged.
Poor eating habits are the reason you’re overweight. But these can’t simply be addressed via a diet. This is the average thought process and diets might work for a short time, but they’re not long term solutions. How often do we see success stories of people who have lost tens of kilos? Only for them to regain that weight at some point in the future?

The problem is diets fail to resolve issues people have with food. They don’t address control issues and lack of willpower. Fast Track Hypnosis does just that!  If you undertake a new diet and exercise plan as well as take part in a Fast Track Hypnosis session with me, you’re success rate soars through the roof.

Hypnotherapy- a Natural Stress Reliever

As I mentioned earlier, hypnotherapy is a natural stress reliever. And a by-product of that is belief in yourself and your capabilities. I. e. a boost in willpower!

Together, we can reform the relationship you have with food. We can alter your perceptions of it so you no longer need to stuff yourself to feel replete. We will address any couch potato issues you have, something that will kick start your fitness plan.

In one, thirty minute session, I really can change your life. If you’re tired of being overweight, of having to hide in baggy clothes. If you want to slim down for the summer then help is at hand. Dieting doesn’t have to be hard, nor does losing weight. Especially if you go the Fast Track way.


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