Still Smoking after Your New Years Resolution?

The New Year has come and gone, it’s mid January and let me guess… you broke your New Year’s Resolution. As you read this, you’re guiltily stubbing out your cigarette or you’re defiantly puffing away!

How do I know this? Because I know the way you think!

After nearly thirty years in Hypnotherapy, I’ve learnt a thing or two about the psyche. I watch the government ad campaigns in particular the new one, watch them try to terrify smokers into quitting the habit. Showing clogged arteries and the damages of secondary smoke to children, in the vain hope that it will prod the defiant smoker into action… because quitting the habit by yourself is hard.

Life without Smoking Cigarettes!

They might be for sale in shops -although they’re gradually going under the counter!- and you might be able to buy them easily -even if they do cost you a fortune.  Each cigarette contains hundreds of chemicals. From the mundane like natural oils to the insane, like formaldehyde! A chemical used in taxidermy! Yes, you read that right! But I can list hundreds of substances within that roll of paper you have in your hand and it still won’t sway you, because basically you’re frightened.

  • What will you do without a cigarette?
  • How will you cope?
  • If you have an argument with a friend, you can’t stomp off to have a smoke, so what will you do instead?
  • If you go on a diet, what will replace the cigarette you smoke to quit the hunger pangs?

All of these questions and millions more float through your mind and do you know what? That’s perfectly natural.

For an adult smoker, a cigarette is like a baby’s dummy. It’s a crutch. And if you have children of your own, you know how difficult it can be to wean babies off a dummy!  To your mind, it’s just a habit. It’s what you do, when you’ve had an argument. It’s something to do with your hands if you’d prefer to be eating a bar of chocolate.

Habits are Made to be Broken!

But the beauty of this, the beauty of smoking being a habit is that habits are made to be broken. If you’ve tried to quit before, then you’ve not tried it the Fast Track Hypnosis way.  The success rate of clients quitting the habit with Fast Track Hypnosis is phenomenal.

For thirty minutes of your time, Fast Track Hypnosis can do what patches, inhalator’s, tablets and sprays can’t. It can help stop you from picking up another cigarette and lighting up.

Fast Track Hypnosis Works with the Mind

Why? Because all of those stop smoking devices deal with the physical addiction. And that isn’t the problem. It’s the mental habit that has you going back for more and that’s why these devices simply don’t work.
But Fast Track Hypnosis works, because it deals with the mind in its entirety. It trains and tweaks the mind, it changes the way you view the world of smoking and it will help stop you from looking through smoke-hazed eyes!

The time for New Year’s Resolutions has come and gone. And if you made one and your resolve failed… you’re not alone. A New Year’s Resolution works on the promise of a new year, a new you. It’s the perfect time to turn your back on the past and turn over a new leaf. But really, it’s a tradition. The best time to turn your back on the past is NOW. The present! It doesn’t matter if it’s the first of the first month or the tenth of it, all that counts is the decision. The decision to make that change.

And if you’re ready, then Fast Track Hypnosis can help you do just that.
How does it work? Fast Track Hypnosis is a condensed version of the more traditional techniques used in Hypnotherapy. Through the troubles in Northern Ireland, I was overwhelmed with people suffering from their problems and I had to create a very fast way of doing this. Hypnotherapy is one of the most effective methods to help, but in its traditional guise, it can take a long time to help in the healing process.

A Win-Win Situation!

Researching new techniques in the US, I discovered new technologies, and combining them speed up the whole process and in turn, condensed the technique while improving the results! It was a win-win situation. These technologies helped me to complete the process in a remarkably fast time and with these new technologies, they were speedier and more efficacious. It gave me more time to work on the real issues and as such, Fast Track Hypnosis was born.

Help to Stop you Smoking

The answer is, it helps you help yourself. The mind is an incredible tool, but most people don’t realize the power it harnesses. Hypnosis puts you in touch with it, it tweaks it and prods it into running more efficiently.
When you’re in the state of relaxation, the actual method of changing the way you think comes into practice. Through suggestion therapy, we work together to change your opinion of cigarettes, we break that habit by exposing your mind to it and showing it that you don’t need cigarettes.
If you’re tired of smoking, if you’re tired of the poor health it causes, if your wallet is empty from the expense, then you have your answer: Fast Track Hypnosis. A unique method to my clinics and one that can have you cigarette-free within thirty minutes.

Check out my website: for testimonials on people who have tried this technique and have discovered for themselves that it works!