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Easy Weight Loss with Fast Track Hypnotherapy!

Dieting is notoriously difficult. Enough to set the average person into a panic at the idea of undertaking a weight loss plan. Enough to have people starting one day and reverting to old behaviour within a few hours – always with the promise that they will start again tomorrow, of course!  Diets are loathed and downright resented, because they are synonymous with change and no one really likes that.

We are the way we are, because we’re a lifetime in the making. Everything we do, every choice we make, forms us into who we are today. And a diet threatens all of that. It forces us to make changes to life – formed habits. It makes us break with set patterns and deprivation sits well with no man. Or woman!

Really, dieting shouldn’t be loathed. It’s the answer to a problem. And that problem is being overweight. I don’t have to quote statistics at you, but being overweight is bad for your health. Simple. It’s printed every day in the papers and research is always being made into the effects of weight gain on the body.  As such, dieting is the key to a healthy future. So why do we hate it?

weight loss

It’s said that losing weight is as simple as eating less and doing more. But if that’s the case, why is the dieting industry worth Tens of Millions of pounds?  Because people can’t rely upon themselves to follow a healthy eating plan. They have to rely upon charts and figures and lists of food that are right for one plan but completely wrong for another.

Not only does this kind of dieting feed the giant industry, it makes it confusing. And there’s nothing worse than following a diet you don’t want to do, that gives you a headache trying to work out what to eat and when!  Simplicity is the key and no matter how often the dieting industry claims they’ve a new, easy to follow, healthy eating plan, they never are. Because they’re all fads.

Short term solutions to long term problems…

And being overweight is a long term problem, because it’s physical evidence of an addiction. An addiction to food.  You might laugh at that for saying such a thing. How can you be addicted to food, when you can’t live without it? But there’s such a thing as eating to sustain your body’s natural needs and eating for the sake of it.  The latter is evidence of a behavioural pattern and what is an addiction if not that?

Addictions are hard to break. Again, the media shows us this. The latest celebrity to be pushed into rehab, the latest star to die of his or her addiction… It’s all such a waste, but the problem with food addiction is that you can’t go cold turkey. You have to eat and to eat is to want more and therein lies the problem. So what’s the solution?

The solution has to be long term. Plus it has to be easy. It has to break your psychological relationship with food and it has to be quick and inexpensive. Nothing exists that can do all of that, I hear you say.  But you’re wrong. Fast Track Hypnosis can and does tick all of those boxes and I have the testimonials to prove it.

Over a career spanning nearly three decades, I’ve treated tens of thousands of people for many reasons, not just for weight loss.  It all depends on you. You’re the key to the solution. If you want to lose weight and will it, and your mind is focused to do it then Fast Track Hypnosis can take you all the way to the finish line. If you think of your brain as a computer. Think of all it has to do on a daily basis and think of all the processes that are undertaken on it. These processes are active thoughts. Things like remembering to wash up or to check the kids’ homework before dinner. They’re all on-going processes. These are at the forefront of the mind, because they’re immediate. This is the first half of your mind.

The second half is the part you don’t really come into contact with. In a computer, it’s the storage section. Or the subconscious mind. Without going all technical on you, addictions are like a computer virus. They attack and cause meltdowns and make you into a completely different person, simply because of their existence. The subconscious stores the good and the bad, and when addiction is brought into it, nothing good can come from that!

Fast Track Hypnosis weight control is designed to help you overcome this – Fast. That’s why I called it “FAST TRACK” The reason why you’re overweight is because your relationship with food is out of sync. Fast Track Hypnosis determines the reason behind your choices and through suggestion therapy alters your perceptions of food as well as changing the way you act.
Fast Track Hypnosis makes healthy eating the right choice and not just something you do to shift the pounds. It makes exercise enjoyable and not a chore, because it ensures that you accept all that is healthy and reject all that is not.

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Fast Track Hypnosis helps you to stop thinking of it as dieting and all the negative associations that come with it. It helps you to believe in it as healthy eating and a new way of life. It helps you turn over a new leaf. It helps you to stop the old you in its tracks and turns you into a brand new person. Complete with self-control and willpower.

Fast Track Hypnosis seeks the root of your relationship with food and changes the way you react to that stimulus. No longer will you reach for a packet of biscuits, if you’re stressed.  It makes you strong.  Makes you capable of taking control of yourself and your eating and empowers you.  Fast Track Hypnosis makes the brand new you possible. And if you’re tired of being hindered by being overweight, if you’re ready to free yourself, then don’t delay.

Today could be the first day for you to use Fast Track Weight Control.

” I came to see Alan 6 months ago for the Gastric Band Hypnosis and I have lost 3 1/2 stone (22 Kilos ). I am amazed how easy it was and how fast as well!  I have been to other Hypnotherapists but it didn’t work.  Alan’s Hypnosis is brilliant! I only had to go for ONE session and it started right away. The Cd’s are so, so, relaxing. If you want to lose weight – go see Alan Gilchrist… Kelly…..”

” Hello Alan, I came to see you for weight loss hypnosis and have kept you updated with my progress which I will do again. However, I would also like to book an appointment with you for my wife who is desperate to stop smoking. She has been smoking for 44 years and smokes up to 60 a day.
My weight loss has continued and I recently was weighed at the doctors and I currently weigh 128kg which is down from 156kg when I started the session with you. My insulin intake has reduced from 140 units per day to 58. I cannot thank you enough and I continue to lose weight.
I look forward to seeing you when I bring D….. to the clinic
Once again, many thanks
D…. & D….. T……….”

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