Panic – Caroline

“Dear Alan, just a few lines to thank you so much for all your help, I remember the first night I went down to you. When we arrived I told my husband to go in and that I would follow on. The walk from the car to your front door was like miles.

For the past 5 years I nor my family, have known what a normal life has felt like. Somewhere down the road I got lost and now thanks to you I have got back on the right track. It all started with a flu that I took after the sudden death of my uncle. I dearly loved him and still do , and the shock of that brought on the flu.

During the following year my doctor said I had taken a strain of the M.E. virus. I went from someone who loved life, never sat for a minute, always the life and soul of the party to a frightened, lost, lonely suicidal shell.

I lost all confidence and I could do nothing around our home. Our children had to leave all their after school groups and I wanted no one near me or in our house and my weight ballooned- I was desperate.

For 5 years my husband and I tried our best to struggle through and then I met you, Alan. With you nothing was or is a problem.

During my sessions with you I faced up to the problem that I had never properly said good bye to my uncle. I had never accepted that he had died and with your help and full support I was able to let him go.

I went back to you after that session and I let you believe (or so I thought) that that was me settled. But one Friday night I got a call from you, just to see how I was coping and I don’t know how but you seemed to sense that I was still in turmoil and for 30 minutes you talked to me and made me face up to what had really bothered me from childhood.

I won’t write it all down but you know the details, and for the first time in years I felt relief.

At last someone to talk to and let me talk. Words can never convey my thanks to you, during the weeks that followed you were there day and night. You took the tears and the joy, the anger and rage. I always knew that I had your full support.

Life is now so different. I can go where I want to , I can sleep, I have no more panic attacks, I am enjoying life to the full. I have just enjoyed 2 weeks in the sun and I have lost 2 stone and 5 pounds. In the words of my brother, after 5 years he has got his sister back.

Alan, thanks is not enough to say, but I am so thankful that I took that walk from the car to your door.

Best wishes Caroline”