Panic – Lindsay

” My name is Lindsay and I’m a 28 year old mummy to 2 young girls. Suddenly and inexplicably I started suffering from anxiety around 4 years ago. I’ve always been an outgoing, confident and independent person so to start suffering from this was very confusing, not to mention frustrating.

I carried on and around 8/10 months ago I started to slide into a deep depression and my anxiety got so bad I would have panic attacks. They started gradually but at my worst point I was suffering from up to ten a day, they would come on out of nowhere. I would wake up at 2am having one, or whilst walking own the street.

They were linked to emetophobia (my fear of vomiting). I wouldn’t eat in public, I would have an attack every time I ate or drank anything from fear of getting food poisoning, every time I went to the toilet in case I had caught a tummy bug, every time I had to leave the house, or for absolutely no reason at all.

The attacks themselves were getting worse too, I would completely lose control and not be able to do anything about it, and the more I fought it the worse they got. I was desperate. It was affecting every single aspect of my life.

I decided to look into hypnotherapy as a friend mentioned it in passing, and a quick Google led me to Alan’s website. I saw that panic attacks were mentioned and became intrigued. I emailed him and set up an appointment, what did I have to lose?

I was sceptical. Very sceptical. But I was at the point where I’d have tried absolutely anything to help myself. I arrived at the hotel where he is based in my area and took the stairs up to the floor he was on. I didn’t take the lift in case I had a panic attack. I sat outside the room waiting- nauseous, sweating, shaking, fighting an attack as best I could.

When the door opened I was met with a man who was warm, welcoming and just lovely. He talked to me about what my life was like and the history of my issues. We started the session and within minutes I was so totally relaxed. It was amazing!

After the session ended, I left with a huge grin on my face. I took the stairs down and practically floated down the street to my car. I felt like I could do anything! I followed Alan’s instructions to the letter. That evening I had a bit of a wobble whilst putting my girls to bed but I kept a handle on it. I listened to my CD at least once a day. If I ever felt myself getting panicky I would listen to it and it would almost immediately calm me down.

I don’t know what I was expecting, but it certainly wasn’t what transpired. From that first appointment, I have not had a single severe panic attack. I had 2 minor events but I was completely able to control it and it passed quickly.

It was like he flicked a switch. I had my fourth and final session today and hugged Alan as I was leaving. When I think about the difference his program has made to my life I almost can’t believe it, my only regret is not doing it months ago.

If anyone is reading this and is sceptical, wondering whether to try it, if its worth the money, or for whatever reason hasn’t taken the plunge, I can only urge you to contact Alan. He has changed my life. I am a better mother, a better wife, I’ve lost weight, I’ve started my own business, and I enjoy life. I’m not dreading getting up in the morning any more. I’m able to eat a full meal. I can meet up with friends without thinking twice.

What I’m trying to say is there is hope. Thank you Alan “