Panic – Ross

” Dear Alan Gilchrist, I thought I would write so that you could put this on your wall to help others. Therefore this will probably more of a storytelling affair rather than a thank you.

I began to have trouble going out into social areas and this was beginning to cause real havoc on my life so I went to the doctor and then on to some therapists.

None of these treatments worked and I was apprehensive about your treatment. After the first session I felt nothing and still I can feel nothing under hypnosis yet it obviously had a significant change. I am getting better ever day, driving on motorways, going to school etc.

I do not know how this happened but I am very thankful.

I am still having some panic attacks but they are mainly to do with this cute girl so I think that is pretty natural. I still have to work on that confidence thing.

I will advise anybody reading this that it seams to work. I can give no explanation, except that you should have confidence in it.

Even when things seem to begin to fail again never give up hope as you just have to believe; very corny but true.

I will let Alan explain the rest. Thanks from me and my friends and I also hope I never have to see you again. Ross….Sorry, it took so long.

Busy being normal! “