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Fear of Flying – Feedback from people who have overcome the Fear of Flying using Fast Track Hypnosis

Fear of Flying Reviews and Testimonials

Over the years my waiting room walls have gathered quite a lot of letters from past clients telling of how my Fast Track Hypnosis has helped them. Many people coming through my door for the first time will say to me

” I bet you haven’t heard of my problem before”. Then I would point to a letter of someone with a similar problem.

Here is a small selection of reviews of how I have helped Clients overcome their fear of flying.

All the Reviews and Testimonials about the fear of flying on this page are genuine.

Please note, the original letters and emails are held at my Belfast office.

This is my third visit to see Alan.

My first visit was 26 years ago to give up smoking. I smoked 30 a day and had tried everything. After one session with Alan and listening to the CD every night for 30 days I have never looked back.

My second visit was to conquer my fear of flying. With the relaxation techniques I can now get on a plane and have been on long haul flights.

I would highly recommend Alan Gilchrist…M.McG…..

Hi Alan,
I have been meaning to contact all week. I am delighted to tell you I successfully flew to England and back with little stress.
The seat belt lights came on in both journeys due to some turbulence and I stayed calm. I did use my auto hypnosis successfully and I am so proud! Even the landing on the way home was very bumpy and I didn’t panic.
Thanks so much for everything!
Hoping my next flight to Portugal is as successful!
Laura H……………..

I was meant to ring you before travelling to New York here on Tuesday but it was touch & go if I was making it as I took a blood clot in my lung a week before Christmas so had a lot going on.

Just wanted to say I was great on the plane especially with the turbulence I was calm which totally surprised me & my husband who said how proud he was of me.

Coming into land the plane dropped & I shouted sh****ttttt but did laugh after it where before I’d have been in tears.

I’ll be honest I was skeptical about whether the hypnosis would work but my flight just proved it did, so thank you so much.!

I wasn’t even feeling nervous in the days approaching the flight. Our flight to Vegas is tomorrow & not nervous about it & then fly back from Vegas next Wednesday on the big 747.

Kind regards & thank you again…Karan…..
( Footnote from Alan.
If a plane hits an air pocket it will drop between 3 and 6 feet; that is 1 or 2 metres which is quite rare! Its only a bumpy road. Planes are designed for this. Was your drive in the car to the airport super smoothe? Of course not. There were bumps on that road as well.!!)

Hi Alan,
Maura ‘fear of flying’ here.

I would just like to thank you again for the hypnotic experience which I thought I was going to endure but in fact enjoyed. Am now, thanks to you and your suggestions actually looking forward to my next flight and holiday. Once again, I am so grateful to you for your help, many thanks


Hi Alan

When I booked my first appointment with you to try to overcome my fear of flying I was sceptical but thought I would give it a go. I believed that I would finish the sessions, not get on a plane and then say to everyone ” well at least I tried ” it’s five years since I last went on holiday with my family as I just panicked at the thought of it.

Well I am delighted to tell you that I have just returned from a Caribbean cruise with my husband and daughter. I had to fly to Canada and then get a connecting flight to Miami . I put your CDs in my hand luggage and that’s were they stayed I never used them. When they called the first flight I sent my husband and daughter to join the queue and I sat doing the auto hypnosis technique you taught me. It worked and I had no problems throughout the flights.

My family and friends couldn’t believe it. I am so grateful to you for teaching me how to overcome my fear and am singing your praises to everyone. We have booked another cruise for next year already and I have no anxieties about the flights. Please feel free to add this email to your book in the waiting room.

Best regards  Linda

Just writing to let you know that your hypnotherapy for my aviophobia worked!!!!!

After just 2 sessions, I saw a marked difference in myself on the plane. I felt a bit nervous on take off, as it was the first time I had sat alone on the plane but I listened to your recording and began to feel calmer. I can say it was the first flight I’ve been on in a very long time which I could look out while we were landing and appreciate the beautiful view and all the lights below us.

I felt so proud when I got off the plane that I cried!!! I will be sure to listen to your recording coming up to any flights that I have and put things into perspective.

Thank you so much Alan.

As an additional note, I would like to add that on New Years Day I flew to London and although the journey there and back were the most turbulent I have ever been on, I did really well!!!

A stark contrast to how I would have been just 3 months ago, I was really proud of myself.

Thanks again

Nicola Poskitt

Hello Alan
Sorry that it took me so long to write to you but after I got on my flight to San Francisco, I came home and booked a flight to London!
When I had to get my first flight from Dublin to London I was really scared but as soon as I got on the plane I felt so calm and relaxed! I honestly couldn’t believe it.
The plane from London to San Francisco was HUGE! But I was practically running onto it with excitement!
I’m not sure what magic fairy dust you sprinkled over me but something has worked and I am sooooo thankful to not be a crying wreck and to finally get some sleep (that could take up 2 months) before getting on a plane.
Thank you

Hi Alan,
Sorry I took so long to send this. Having too much fun!
Made it to Australia, no problems. Flying home soon.
Thank you for all your help

To Alan,
Thank you so much for helping me overcome my fear of flying.
It’s been a while since I had my appointments with you and in that time I have flew to Cardiff and back.
I was a bit nervous when I got to the airport but once I was on the plane I felt a lot more relaxed.
Once the plane had taken off I was completely OK and had no worries!!

Thanks to you I am going on holiday to Venice in the summer and I’m super excited!

I still use the top of the triangle exercise that you taught me and it helps me a lot when I am ever nervous for anything.
Thanks so much again for everything!
Stephanie P aged 12

For 46 years on never travelling abroad with a fear of flying, getting on a boat, I finally decided it was time to do something about it. I contacted Alan and booked my appointment, I honestly didn’t think it was going to work as my fear was too huge. So I got the Hypnosis and didn’t feel a change in myself until I had the urge to go to the travel agents and book our holiday that I always talked of.

We went to Paris for a few days and on the plane I hadn’t a care in the world. The fear was completely gone and I was in a comfortable relaxed state the entire flight. I couldn’t believe I was finally in Paris.

Since then we have went to Florida with the family , and even bumpy landings and delayed sitting on the plane before take off. People were stressing and worried and I was so laid back and relaxed!
I’m glad to say my fear has gone and I’m planning to start seeing the world (after another return trip to Florida)

Thank you so much Alan it’s thanks to you this is possible 🙂

Well I made it to Spain – and I have never had a more relaxing and enjoyable flight!
Thank you so much for all your help. I’m heading off to Northumbria University tomorrow – and I feel great as I know I will be able to fly with no fear
From L

Hello Alan,

I just thought I would get in touch to thank you for all of your help in getting me over my fear of flying. It had been 25 years since my last flight ( only 13 years old at the time ) when I called in with you to see if you could help me out. At that stage I thought I was a lost cause and was destined for long ferry journeys the rest of my life, but four Hypnotherapy sessions later I was a lot more relaxed and settled on the idea of getting on a plane !

The flight itself did not really go to plan as there was a 7 1/2 hour delay thanks to the Iceland Volcanic dust cloud ( we were due to fly out of the International Airport at 6.30 pm, we departed at 2.00 am ) But I was relaxed the whole time in the airport which my wife could not believe considering the circumstances !! No problems at all once we got onto the plane either, my wife could not get over me constantly leaning over her to look out the window ! The take off and landing were no problems what so ever.

Unfortunately our flight home two days later had been cancelled thanks to our friend the volcanic dust cloud again so we had to get a lift to the ferry port at Liverpool and I was totally gutted that I could not fly home ( which was amazing after 25 years of sheer panic about flying. Everyone I know told me I could fly for another 50 years and not encounter the problems I had with delays and cancellations but it was still a breeze with your help and hypnotherapy sessions. Once again , Thank you !!!
Regards Ronan

Hi Alan,
I MADE IT ! Sorry I ever doubted you. It’s been a dream come true to make it to Australia and I coped with the flights better than I’d ever hoped. Thank you so much

I can’t believe it, made it to Venice. Flight was fine, even managed to look out the window.
Thank you for all your help and at least I can have my special 25th wedding anniversary. Before I could only dream.
Now it is a reality.
Anne mc

I did it and can’t believe it. I just settled myself and relaxed. When I first went to you there was no way I was going on a plane. But Alan I DID IT and all thanks to you!

Hi Alan,
I can’t thank you enough. I’ve just had my first holiday with a flight in 7 years. I can say that with all honesty I had some nervous times coming up to the holiday. With the help of the CD’s and most of all self hypnosis these were soon settled. The Palma flight was delayed for 1 hour , which meant all the flying time would be in darkness. Even when I liked to fly I didn’t like flying in the dark. As I boarded the plane at Belfast International Airport I felt good, but the really testing time for me was the closing of the aircraft doors. Any other time at this stage I would have been in a really bad way with fear. As the plane taxied towards the runway I could not believe how calm I felt, this in itself gave me a major boost.

As we took off I looked at C…. my wife, and gave her a big smile and told her I felt great. She also felt great, because usually by now I’d be gripping her hand with vice grip tightness. I had my mini disc with me which I had copied your CD’s onto (just as a standby), but the cabin crew announced during the safety talk that no electronic equipment was permitted during take off. I still had my back up anyway, the self hypnosis. I used it a couple of times – not that I had problems but I just wanted to top up.

The flight lasted 2 hours 15 minutes, on arrival at Palma airport I felt fantastic and I got C….. to take this photo of me in my seat on the plane. As you can see by my smile I was so pleased with myself. It’s been a long time since I felt like that getting off a plane. I had a great week and never once worried about the return flight.

I’m home now and cant wait to go on holiday again. The last flight I had was November 2001 from Belfast to Birmingham, we had gone there for a weekend break. I was really frightened even though the flight was a smooth one. I could not make myself board the plane for the flight home, and had to arrange a coach and boat for the return trip to Belfast. Booking the holiday to Majorca was a big step for me , and I could not have done it without your help. I was the target of a few friendly jokes from my work mates when they heard I had gone for Hypnotherapy, but I can say now that I had the last laugh.
Alan once again thanks from both of us.

Hi Alan,
I am having a wonderful time in Paris. The flight was really good. It was very stormy when we took off but I was able to relax myself so much that I was totally in control throughout the flight. Thank you so much.

Made it to Australia. Tape was wonderful, really helped. Thanks a lot.

Hi Alan, The flight over was much better than I would normally expect thanks to you. I’m sure the flight home will be just as good. Many thanks.

Dear Alan,MADE IT! Regards

Hi Alan, Made it to America with little panic! Thank you for all your help.

Hello Alan, You see on the front of the card 10 steps for me to get relaxed. Had a great holiday in Barbados. Big thanks to you. See you later.

Hello Alan!, Remember me ?. Having a great time here with M…. In Tenerife. Hope you and the family are OK . See you soon
Heike and M

Got here. Doing very well. Thank you.

Dear Alan, Having a wonderfully relaxing time here in Tenerife Best wishes.

Hi Alan, Managed to arrive almost stress free. Played the Cds in the airport which helped me board the plane ok. Used the self hypnosis when we hit turbulence, worked well. Thanks a lot,

Dear Alan, Having a great time – used the Cds. The only thing is it has rained as much as in Belfast! Thanks again,

Hi Alan, would you believe that I made it here no problem. I’m having a great time and really making the most of it. Thanks for all you help.

Hi Alan, Having a wonderful time here in Edmonton- weather fantastic. Enjoyed the flight after worrying so much about it. Feeling a lot better. Thanks for your help,

Hi Alan, Greetings from Niagara Falls and Canada. The 7 hour flight was a doddle- the plane was huge. Thought you would get a laugh from this card, that’s me on the front in case I go over the edge !!Thanks for everything Alan without your help I wouldn’t be here.

Alan, Thanks for all the help and support- I would not have been able to cope without it. The Hypnosis has worked wonders and I feel confident that I will be able to fly again whenever I want to. Thanks again.

Got here o.k. Alan, and flights were all great. Wasn’t so well in Singapore though and had to go to the doctor. I have a bad chest infection and have no energy. Hopefully I’ll get myself back to normal so I can enjoy the rest of my holidays. Thanks for the help in getting me here. Weather fabulous.

Dear Alan, As well as listening to your Cds have visited the place ( Caribbean ). I raise my glass and drink to your health.

Alan, I did it, flew this am to Nottingham. Card as promised ! THANKS- it was over 30 years since I last flew. Best wishes.

Hello Alan, Many, many, thanks for helping me. The flights were long (16 ½ hours ) but no problem. Also I am able to go in the lift in my hotel on my own, can’t believe it. The tapes are great. Thanking you.

Hi Alan, Got on the plane telling myself I was in control. Not a nerve in my body. For the 1st time in 4 years I can say I really enjoyed the flight. Thanks Alan for getting me back on track. Sincerely

Alan, Just a note to say thank you. Stephen (11 years of age) was really good on the flight out. He listened to his tape and was quite content. Many thanks.

Dear Alan, Well here I am in Florida .Thanks for all your help. I actually got past passport control relaxed this time. I am sure the flight home will be ok too. I don’t know when I will fly again but at least I got my holiday in Florida. Many thanks again.

Hi Alan , Having a great time here. Lots to do and see- heaven. Seen any rain, ha, ha. Doing a lot of travelling in L. A. at present. Been in Hollywood today and sight seeing. Looking forward to getting home. Bye for now,

When I saw this card ( picture of aeroplane) I did not think of my CD – so I’m nearly cured. Been there , done that and deserve the medal. Thanks

Well Alan, I done it and can’t believe it. A bit afraid when the plane took off. I just settled my self and relaxed. When I first went to you there was no way I was going on a plane. But Alan I did it all thanks to you. Thank you.

Hi Alan, Well I really am here with my tropical beach. Hope you are keeping well, not too cold, ha ha !! Bye for now.

Dear Alan, Proof that I actually went to Corfu. Flight, best I’ve had in a long time. Many thanks for your efforts & consideration. Will call soon.

Managed plane journey with flying colours. I am able to go into a lift, or as they call it elevator. Thanks for your help.

Well Alan believe it or not we have made it. Weather is beautiful, hotel is lovely. Plenty of food and drink. See you soon.

Alan , Thanks very much for the last CD . I felt really better after hearing it. We arrived on Monday morning at 4.00am. The weather is really hot. Its impossible to even walk on the sand. Because you are not here to shout at me for saying it. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU. Best wishes

Dear Alan ,A short note to say a BIG THANK YOU for making me feel relaxed and confident enough to undertake a plane journey a couple of weeks ago. I never foresaw myself actually going and although I still felt a slight apprehension, I could control my fear and thanks to you I had a brilliant holiday. My CD has now become my personal bible. Thank you again.

Dear Alan, I just wanted to send you this postcard to let you know how much you helped me. I thoroughly enjoyed my holiday in New York and was having too much fun to post this from the states, therefore had to post it from home! I didn’t think about my anxiety at all and am getting ready to plan my next holiday. Thanks SO SO SO MUCH.

Dear Alan, I just don’t know how it worked but it seems to have worked really well. I’m not asking any questions but I must say a big thank you.

Hi Alan, Just letting you know I made it to Ibiza and that took 2 flights as I left from Gatwick. Weathers great, feeling fine, having a good time.

Dear Alan, I wish to thank you for all you have done for me as I know my holiday would not have been so enjoyable without your help. I found my tropical island.

Well I arrived in Edinburgh. Flight was an absolute breeze. Loved lift off and landing. Took a window seat and looked out the whole time .The whole run up to flight was less anxious & it was just like getting on a bus. A big thank you Alan.

Dear Alan, I would like to thank you for all your help. Going on the plane this time was less nervous for me. I enjoyed the flight going and coming home. I was calm throughout and I was rather pleased with myself. Also I would like to mention that my driving is getting much better. My confidence is growing stronger.

Well here we are lapping up the sun, sea and sangria. What a place to relax in , you would love it. We are off to see the Drifters on Thursday night and then we will go in search of the Drunken Duck pub. Best wishes.

Dear Alan, Having a fantastic time here, have really been able to relax- haven’t even needed the CDs. Thanks for all your help- it has been an unbelievable relief. Kindest regards.

Hi Alan, Well got here. Thank you so much for your help. I feel fantastic. The flight was super, I was a little nervous before we got to the airport, BUT on boarding the craft I did a little self hypnosis and never looked back. Will be in touch with a couple of photos when we get back.

Hi Alan, Can’t believe I got here totally stress free, even though we flew through thunder and lightening!! The CD was fantastic, as was the self hypnosis! Thank you so much…will see you soon (to quit smoking) Cheers

Arrived at last. Good flight. Plenty to see and do. Thanks

Dear Alan, Well we’ve made it- no problems at all. Think we must have cracked it. Having a brilliant time. Thanks for all your help and the CDs- they’re great!

As promised here is a postcard from Italy. Everything is going really well and the tour is very enjoyable. Tomorrow we head off to Rome. Thanks for all your help.

Hello Alan, Here I am in Prague, hard to believe I know. I can’t believe how calm I was during the flight. I didn’t even need to use the CDs. All credit to you and many thanks. Best wishes

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