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Panic Attacks – Reviews from people who have overcome Panic Attacks using Fast Track Hypnosis

Reviews and Testimonials – Alan Gilchrist

Over the years my waiting room walls have gathered quite a lot of letters from past clients telling of how my Fast Track Hypnosis has helped them. Many people coming through my door for the first time will say to me

” I bet you haven’t heard of my problem before”.

Then I would point to a letter of someone with a similar problem.
All the reviews and testimonials on this page are genuine and from clients who have successfully overcame panic attacks using my Hypnosis system.

Please note, all the original letters and emails are held at my Belfast office.

Below is a small selection of reviews show how Hypnosis has helped these people to deal with their panic attacks.


Just to say thank you for helping me to get my life back on track.
Such a transformation!

It is wonderful to be set free, at last, from the grip of fear and anxiety.
Now I can live my life and enjoy it.

God Bless you and the amazing work that you do…..Jennifer….

I came to see Alan in Oct/Nov 2015 (I’d previously been to see him regarding a different issue quite a number of years before and I remembered how much he had helped me then).

For over a year I’d been having “heart episodes” and was being seen at cardiac clinic etc and no-one could find anything more wrong other than a skipped beat now and again with palpitations. Then on the 18th Oct just sitting watching tv I had what I thought to be quite a severe heart episode but I was wrong.

It was the beginning of the scariest and worst time of my life !

The episode (which was a panic attack) in a split second changed me and my thinking in a very scary, negative way. The attacks would go on for hours, days at a time and I felt so totally out of control. The anxiety and mental panic was indescribably terrifying (that is not an exaggeration). On two different days the mental anxiety/panic was so bad I honestly thought I would have to get someone to get me to A&E – my thoughts would not stop running, my mind was zoning in on itself and all I could do was try and survive it.

Outwardly it seemed to my children (I’m a single parent) that there was nothing wrong and I was determined to keep it that way as I didn’t want to scare them – it seemed to anyone that I was just a bit quieter but I could never find words to describe adequately the inner turmoil and paralyzing fear that was really going on inside and this was in addition the physical manifestation of the attacks – adrenaline surge, sudden onset of feeling of panic etc.

I attended my GP in utter despair and desperation (they are aware that I have disabled/special needs children and am under a lot of stress) but I got no help other than to be repeatedly told that I was depressed, every time in the consultation I said no I’m not. They came back saying that I was and all they could offer me was anti-depressants – completely inappropriate and totally unnecessary – I left feeling even more isolated and alone in my turmoil and fear, however, this was a blessing in disguise because it was very soon after this that I thought of Alan.

On the very first session I felt more relaxed and so reassured that someone was there to help me. Shortly after the first session, I was listening to one of the cds when I began to have mental anxiety and panic attack though not as severe as prior to starting with Alan. I contacted Alan who wrote the words that was the turning point for me and it was to reassure me that what I was experiencing was a perfectly normal response for some people and it was caused due to my mind trying to resist the change.

Those few words brought such relief and reassurance to me and from there it just got so much better.

With each session and listening to the cds in between I went from barely being able to hold a conversation due to mental anxiety to having no panic feeling!

During my last session with Alan I thanked him for helping me. I tried in my own way to express just exactly what he had done for me, and what I said to him was, you have saved me.

Alan of course said it wasn’t him and that it was me helping myself via hypnosis and that’s true in part.

The fact is left on my own without Alan’s help I would be in a very different place now and therefore so would my children and it would most likely not have been good.

I stand by what I said to Alan that day, he did save me.

The statement above is in no way an exaggeration and anyone reading this please don’t be sceptical.Don’t be afraid about making that first contact, the bravest thing you could do for yourself/situation you need help with is to get in touch with Alan.

He is a gentleman whom as I mentioned before, I first got help from years ago and he is still a gentleman today.

Alan really could help you too, his method really works, I’m proof of that!



I’d been experiencing severe anxiety for some years and booked a number of sessions with Alan. Within the first few weeks I found a substantial improvement, and by the final session I was all but back to normal. I now feel better equipped to deal with attacks should they reoccur and would recommend Alan unreservedly.

Thanks again for all your help.


Hello Alan….
Hope you are having a great day!
I wanted to send you a little email of MANY THANKS!
I just finished my treatment yesterday and really do feel fantastic! I am a very different person to that teary, panicked person who walked into your office a month ago.
You have given me the much needed help I was desperate for. I am now confident and can deal with things! I feel I have got my life back and feel so much calmer and in control. I have got perspective back and am positive about everything!! Thank you Alan!
If you are on Alan’s web page you are looking for the same thing I was….’help’. So I would urge you to go ahead and make that appointment with Alan. On my first trip to his office I felt a massive sense of hope and relief that I found something that could actually work for me. He immediately made me feel that things were going to change for me for the better….and he was right! I am confident and happy at last!

What a lovely testimonial
Thank you so much for that
If I can ever be of help again..
Regards and have a good life

Hello Alan.
I meant every word of it. I am truly grateful!
Thank you so so much.
Take care.


I lost seven years of my life through anxiety. I went down the medical route without success, tablets didn’t take the feelings away. It got that I would not leave the house. I was the mother of 4 children and was terrified all the time, thinking I was going to die all the time. It was my heart one minute , then my head the next, nobody could convince me that I was causing this myself by my anxiety.
Then I heard on the radio about Alan and my husband suggested that I tried it. It didn’t happen right away but after a few sessions I could do things that I hadn’t been able to do for years. I was able to sleep while doing the relaxation CD’s.

I am a walking example that Hypnotherapy does work. Its painless and non addictive.

Alan gives you back your personality. He certainly gave me back my life.

Thank you so much

I suffered severe anxiety about 3 years ago. I tried everything to try and overcome this, so finally decided to try Hypnosis as due to my anxiety.
I had panic attacks while driving, where I felt faint and nauseous and no longer drove because I couldn’t cope with the way I felt.
I made an appointment with Alan and had 4 sessions. I played the CD’s every night and as the weeks went on I started doing shot journeys in the car to build my confidence up.

Now I’m back to driving and feel like I’ve got my independence back. Would recommend it to anyone

For the past six years I have been living a life of panic. I have been unable to sit in a room with the doors closed tight or in the back of a two door car because I felt I could not breathe.
It has been impossible for me to go into shops if I could not see the way to get out again. Travelling on public transport has been totally impossible until I decided to have a consultation with you, Alan.

After I had four sessions with you and can now say I have got my life back! Sitting in a room with the door closed tight is no longer a problem and travelling on public transport is a delight, and this is all down to you, Alan

Many many thanks for giving me my life back

Hi Alan
I was recommended to you by a friend during a period in my life when because of an acrimonious separation I had lost interest in life, my friends and work. I was feeling so much stress and panic that I could not sleep. I was therefore not a nice person to be around.
Although I was initially sceptical , I felt so much better after my first session that I came back to you for the other 3 sessions over a six week period. In between sessions I listened to your Cds daily.
I had been depressed for six months before I met you and in six weeks you made me a new man.
I will never forget what you did for me and would recommend to others finding themselves in a similar position to mine

Before I came to Alan in Spain I was almost at my wits end having experienced the worst panic attacks of my life. Even after the the first session and playing the Cd Alan gave me brought considerable relief.
I continued to practice the deep breathing in between sessions and at the end of 4 sessions I am a different man person – much more relaxed and feeling in control. Many thanks alan for all your help – it is much appreciated

Dear Alan
Just a note to let you know that my beautiful daughter arrived without too much trouble or anxiety this summer. Very many thanks for all your help – the Cds were invaluable

I have suffered with panic attacks for a few years now but in September 09 for some reason I seemed to have very severe attacks which almost left me unable to leave my home.
As a last resort I came to see Alan. I say last resort because I got very little help from my G. P.
Coming to see Alan was the best decision I’ve ever made. I came for 4 sessions and continued with the self hypnosis.
I can’t believe the difference its made to my life.
I am a lot more calmer, that horrible anxious feeling has gone also , and I have become a lot more confident . It is now January 2010 and I’ve been fine. Family and friends couldn’t believe the change in me .
I would definitely recommend hypnosis – it has changed my life!
Thank you so much Alan,

I decided to have a go at Hypnotherapy after a friend said she thought it was what I needed to do, I was sceptical and kept saying yes yes sometime. My friend knows me better than I thought. She had been to see Alan and it had been a big help for her. Having suffered a nervous breakdown I was left with the dreadful anxiety, panic attacks and fears I won’t go into as I feel they are personal to me. After 4 sessions I can now say two and a half years later that I have experienced only one night with a partial panic attack waking me out of my sleep and I could take control of it. I will always be much more vulnerable, not the strong person I thought I was, but I do now have a much better quality of life and don’t live in fear. When I went for my second appointment, I remember saying to Alan I was worrying that I wasn’t worrying, he said and I paraphrase, it’s hard to get rid of an old friend.

I want to thank you for your help in my recovery from panic attacks and other problems. I feel really well now and the fear I had about leaving the house no longer exists

To Alan, for your kindness I can’t begin to thank you enough. I can’t believe it has just been TWO WEEKS since I first came to see you. The transformation in me within that time has been unbelievable. Steadily I have become more like my old self. In fact I am even better! I feel a greater sense of calm at work, the fear has subsided and that’s how it will stay. I look forward to my baby as a blessing. You have restored my hope and given me a new zest for life. Fast Track Hypnosis is a truly remarkable experience, one which I will happily share with others. Take care

Alan, you can do wonderful things for a body! All the face pains have GONE. I’m doing a great job at work and coping with the stress. Anxieties, their gone as well. School has shut for a week and HERE I AM IN TENERIFE! Many Thanks

Hi Alan, It’s the honeymooner here! Well I got here and it’s all thanks to you – 2 flights later. I’m having a ball – no panic attacks – no insecurity, etc. a big THANKS again. Take care

Dear Alan, As you can see by the post card I got here with no Panic attacks!. Thanks a lot

Dear Alan, Just a short note to thank you for your help. As a teacher facing so many demands in a seemingly hopeless situation, I came to ask for help in coping with many difficulties. Now that I have ended my sessions with you I can see things in a different light. What seemed to be an impossible task now seems to be manageable and within my scope. There is still a great deal to be done, but I feel that I can now tackle the tasks much more confidently. Above all you taught me how to relax, “relax” was a word to which I had almost totally forgotten the meaning of. Thanks again

Dear Alan, I want to thank you for your help in my recovery from panic attacks and other problems. I feel really well now and the fear I had about leaving the house to go shopping etc, no longer exists. I can now go to the supermarket and into town. I can also travel on public transport as well as go for a meal out. I can now get to these places which I could never do before I saw you. I Play the CD’s you gave me from time to time, although I don’t really need to. I went to a farewell party at my place of work, alone, just before Christmas, and thoroughly enjoyed it, and felt really at ease and confident. Thank you once again and I hope this letter will help others as it has helped me, to overcome their problems. Yours Sincerely

Just a wee note to tell you that I am still at school full time and intend to stay! I have got lots of good friends now also. I never really feel really anxious in class any more other than 1 or 2 wee moments. So basically everything is going ok. Have a lovely Christmas and I hope the year brings bright new beginnings! From

Dear Alan, what a life changing experience I have had. As you know I suffered from panic attacks and agoraphobia for seven years. I had accepted I would have to live with this for the rest of my life as I had tried numerous remedies but all to no avail. I dreaded waking up every morning, as I never knew what the day would bring. By chance I saw your advert in the local paper and thought that I would give your clinic a try, as I had nothing to lose. It was the best decision I ever made. My experience of hypnosis is one of the most wonderful relaxing times I have ever had. I was a bit sceptical at first, as I didn’t know what to expect, but you were able to put me at ease (that was a job in itself!) I would like to thank you for your time and patience and also always being at the end of a phone for me. After all the sessions I am a more confidant, relaxed person. I do not experience fear of stepping out of the door and the panic attacks have stopped. Life has now a new meaning and I grow stronger each day. Auto Hypnosis, something, which filled me with dread to try to learn it, has now become an automatic reaction, which I can accomplish within two seconds. Thank you Alan for giving me my life back. Without your help I would never have accomplished this transformation.

Dear Alan, how are you? I just wanted to say thank you for the wonderful work you have done in helping me to overcome my fear of having a panic attack in public. Since having Hypnotherapy I have stopped feeling anxious, and I am now enjoying life again and doing all the things that I have been avoiding for 18 months. I have even conquered my fear of flying due to my new relaxed outlook, and I am going on holiday this August- my first flight in 15 years. I still listen to your excellent CD once a week and drifting off to that tropical island, with the warm sand between my toes. Thank you so much
Sharon O

Dear Alan, just a few lines to thank you so much for all your help, I remember the first night I went down to you. When we arrived I told my husband to go in and that I would follow on. The walk from the car to your front door was like miles. For the past 5 years I nor my family, have known what a normal life has felt like. Somewhere down the road I got lost and now thanks to you I have got back on the right track. It all started with a flu that I took after the sudden death of my uncle. I dearly loved him and still do , and the shock of that brought on the flu. During the following year my doctor said I had taken a strain of the M.E. virus. I went from someone who loved life, never sat for a minute, always the life and soul of the party to a frightened, lost, lonely suicidal shell. I lost all confidence and I could do nothing around our home. Our children had to leave all their after school groups and I wanted no one near me or in our house and my weight ballooned- I was desperate.

For 5 years my husband and I tried our best to struggle through and then I met you, Alan. With you nothing was or is a problem.
During my sessions with you I faced up to the problem that I had never properly said good bye to my uncle. I had never accepted that he had died and with your help and full support I was able to let him go. I went back to you after that session and I let you believe (or so I thought) that that was me settled. But one Friday night I got a call from you, just to see how I was coping and I don’t know how but you seemed to sense that I was still in turmoil and for 30 minutes you talked to me and made me face up to what had really bothered me from childhood. I won’t write it all down but you know the details, and for the first time in years I felt relief. At last someone to talk to and let me talk. Words can never convey my thanks to you, during the weeks that followed you were there day and night. You took the tears and the joy, the anger and rage. I always knew that I had your full support.

Life is now so different. I can go where I want to , I can sleep, I have no more panic attacks, I am enjoying life to the full. I have just enjoyed 2 weeks in the sun and I have lost 2 stone and 5 pounds. In the words of my brother, after 5 years he has got his sister back. Alan, thanks is not enough to say, but I am so thankful that I took that walk from the car to your door. Best wishes

Dear Alan, I am writing to thank you for helping me with my panic attacks. As you know Alan, I suffered these for two and a half years following my mothers death and they made my life hell. And now I’ve got my life back. I no longer take them and it’s all thanks to you. Alan, you did what no doctors could do and for this I will always be grateful. And for others who suffer panic attacks never ever give up. There is light at the end of the tunnel. Forever grateful,

Alan, As you know before I saw you I couldn’t go up to the observation floor in the Victoria Centre in Belfast. Now I’ve just returned from the 70th floor observation floor in New York!!!( Rockefeller Centre). I could not have done this without you !!!. Thank you Alan – great to feel normal.
Hillary D.

Dear Alan Gilchrist, I thought I would write so that you could put this on your wall to help others. Therefore this will probably more of a storytelling affair rather than a thank you. I began to have trouble going out into social areas and this was beginning to cause real havoc on my life so I went to the doctor and then on to some therapists. None of these treatments worked and I was apprehensive about your treatment. After the first session I felt nothing and still I can feel nothing under hypnosis yet it obviously had a significant change. I am getting better ever day, driving on motorways, going to school etc. I do not know how this happened but I am very thankful.

I am still having some panic attacks but they are mainly to do with this cute girl so I think that is pretty natural. I still have to work on that confidence thing. I will advise anybody reading this that it seams to work. I can give no explanation, except that you should have confidence in it. Even when things seem to begin to fail again never give up hope as you just have to believe; very corny but true. I will let Alan explain the rest. Thanks from me and my friends and I also hope I never have to see you again. Sorry, it took so long. Busy being normal!

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