Reviews and Testimonials about Phobias

Alan Gilchrist – Testimonials about Phobias
Reviews and Testimonials using Fast Track Hypnosis 

Over the years my waiting room walls have gathered through my door for the first time will say to me I bet you haven’t heard of my problem before”.

Then I would point to a letter from someone with a similar problem.

All the reviews and testimonials on this page are genuine and from clients who have successfully overcome a phobia using my Hypnosis system.

Please note, all the original letters and emails are held at my Belfast office.

Below is a small selection of how Hypnosis has helped these people to deal with their phobia.

I contacted Alan 3 weeks ago as my Phobia of Dogs was just taking over my life. I couldn’t go to certain places and it was ruining my life.
This phobia has taken over my life for years, and no one understood how bad it was.

One day I read a story of a girl that had a phobia of cats. I watched her video with her reaction and it just clicked with me and I thought to myself this is me, I need to contact this man.
Sitting in work on the Thursday 13th September 2018 I sent Alan an email. I was too embarrassed to call him as I was 28 years old and petrified of dogs. What was this man going to think of me? That’s what was going through my head. Thinking to myself how do I start this email off? How do I begin it?

Good Afternoon Alan,
I don’t know where to begin!!! I’m Absolutely Petrified of dogs.
This is such a big deal for me to even contact you through email. I’m 29 next month and I’m absolutely petrified of dogs. Actually petrified isn’t even the word for it.  There so many places that I can’t go to as I know there will be dogs, it totally ruins my life so much.
People don’t understand my phobia. They stand and laugh at me or smile and say its ok it won’t touch you. To be honest that’s not what is going through my head. I can’t describe what it makes me feel like; I couldn’t put it into words.
My close family has dogs and it hurts me even thinking about it.
My sister got a dog when she got married and moved into her own house. I remember the day receiving the picture of it saying Hello Auntie Nikki. I literally cried for weeks and weeks knowing that I couldn’t just walk into her house without knowing my fear was going to be in there.
Then my sister decided to get my dad a dog for his 60th birthday and I can’t say in words how I felt about this. I felt so hurt, sad and knew I would never be able to walk into their house the way I would like to. This hurts me so much because that’s the home that I grew up in.
It’s not my family’s fault I’m scared and they have to enjoy their life.
I could literally cry writing this email. No one understands my feeling I have. The feeling inside me writing this I feel sick, nervous, scared and embarrassed.
This is such a big step for me even to contact you.
But as my sister said making the enquiry is the first step and in the right direction.
Please help me.

When I said I had a phobia of dogs, people would laugh at me and tell me to “wise up” and that they “wouldn’t touch you”. That’s not what was in my head. My phobia was so bad that I couldn’t go into a house if a dog was in it. Going out, if I saw a dog I literally turned and ran in the other direction or would of ran out in front of a car just to get away. In my head I had to get away from the dog as soon as possible. Standing crying, having anxiety and a panic attack over a dog was the worst feeling ever.
If I had decided to head off for the day, I would automatically think, can I go there? And would there be a dog there? I would be on the internet checking out if a dog had to be on a lead or if dogs where allowed in the place we were going to.

The Fast Track Hypnosis process with Alan Gilchrist

Less Than Five minutes after I emailed Alan he was in contact with me by telephone. He promised me he was going to help me and could I come and see him the following Monday. How was this man ever going to help change my life? Driving up the road I felt sick, I hardly spoke in the car and sitting in the waiting room waiting on Alan to see me I actually didn’t know what to think. Alan came in and got me and I said to him “Can my mum come in as well?” in Alan’s words he said “this is about YOU”. It was true this was about me, and no one else; I was coming to see him for myself.
Walking into his room I was nervous, anxious, embarrassed and felt sick to my stomach. Alan started to speak to me and I literally burst into tears and could hardly breathe as I had myself so worked up. I couldn’t hold it in any longer. He got me calmed down and told me he could help me, as long as I put the hard work in and put my mind first. Thinking to myself I really want this to work, but I’m so petrified I don’t think anyone can help me. I didn’t want to let anyone down. But I had to keep telling myself that I was doing this for me and only me.
I could never picture myself even getting close to a dog.

Inside I was thinking about my breathing and I was panicking but I put a brave face on in front of Alan. After my first session I literally couldn’t believe how I felt. Alan gave me a CD to take home to listen to every night and each night my relaxation got better and better. Coming out of my first session, I met my mum at the door she hugged me and said I’m so proud of you taking this step. She asked me how I felt, truthfully I said “I actually can’t explain to you in words how I feel, I feel so different and relaxed.”

After my second session I honestly didn’t expect to feel the way I did. I literally got into the car and smiled the whole way home; thinking to myself this man is making me think different. I kept listening to my CD and it was making me feel better each day but I couldn’t explain to anyone how I felt. The quote I kept thinking about was ‘she turned her cants into cans and her Dreams into plans’.

After the 3rd session I was heading out for dinner straight after it. It was a Thursday night, we went for a lovely meal at the Harbour Bistro and whilst walking back to the car I saw a dog coming towards us. It was off the lead. It came over and sniffed my fiancés leg and walked on past. I didn’t flinch; I walked on by and kept thinking of what Alan had told me in my last three sessions. I couldn’t believe I encountered a dog off the lead. I actually stood crying, smiling and was speechless. Go me. This was a moment I will never forget.

On the Sunday I was at my parents’ house. My mum had their little dog Trafford in her arms. I looked at Trafford thinking I want to stroke you but I was so nervous. I wasn’t scared, but I built up the courage and fed him a treat and slowly placed my hand on him and stroked him. I couldn’t believe it; I was crying with happy tears. I stroked the dog that I cried over for weeks when I knew my parents were getting him. I got a picture and a video of this moment as I knew no one would believe me. The quote to explain this moment: ‘I may not be there yet, but I’m closer than I was yesterday’.

Knowing I was going to see Alan for my forth and last session.

The night before, I went to see if I could stroke Trafford again. Listening to my CD, I thought I need to go and do this. I called round to my mums. I was nervous as there were three people there watching me. I didn’t want to let them down nor did I want to let myself down. I ending up giving him a treat and stroking him, I kept thinking what Alan told me, about my breathing and counting myself down. Each second I felt more confident and before I knew it, Trafford was eating his treats out of my hand and licking it. The quote for this moment: ‘A picture is worth a thousand words…. But I have none for this one’.
I thought I would never be able to conquer my phobia of dogs. Believe in yourself and have confidence.
Never did I think I would have been able to do this. Alan has changed my life.

The Result

My life changed from the moment I emailed Alan. From the first day it has totally changed my life and confidence. I no longer have a phobia and turning my Cant’s into Can’s it the way forward.
I never expected someone to change my life for the better, please don’t be like me and suffer this for years. Contact Alan he is such an amazing man and I honestly can’t give him enough credit.

‘The only way to get over your fear is when you believe anything is possible’.

Thank you so much Alan.
Nicola Dempster (Ballymena)
I told Alan if anyone wants to contact me regarding my experience with him, please do not hesitate.

I contacted Alan 2 weeks ago as my phobia of cats was just making my life unbearable.
I had suffered for 20 years and had finally had enough. My phobia was so bad I couldn’t go into a house if a cat was in it, going out walks was torture and I had even ran off and left my children as toddlers whenever a cat came near (not proud of this) .
I would wake up from terrible nightmares when I dreamt of cats. Every single thing about them terrified me and it was just getting worse the older I got. My husband and I would sit and go through hotels on trip advisor to check which hotels had cats before we could book our holidays and it was just getting harder and harder as they were everywhere. I’ve seen us have to leave our food in restaurants as I ran screaming when a cat walked under my chair from behind, it was torture.
It also wasn’t fair on my husband and kids so I knew i had to do something.
I came to see Alan and he promised me he was going to sort me out. I did believe him because I really wanted it to work so badly. Although in the back of my mind I just could never picture myself even getting close to a cat. I couldn’t breathe properly at the thought. After my first session Alan gave me a CD to take home to listen to and after a few nights of listening to this I started to feel different.
I was able to go out and clean my car without constantly checking out the doors to see if any were near and I went out to hang the washing and didn’t check all around first for them so I knew something was working.
After the second session I was feeling brave and went out a walk to see what I would do if I seen one, walked for 7 miles and not 1 did I see…typical! Lol
Although after the 3rd session I told Alan I was going to be in contact with a cat, I was determined!!! I’m not going to lie I was so scared about it but I listened to my CDs and done my breathing and when a friend of mine brought her kitten into my house last night I forced myself to touch it!!! I won’t lie, at the beginning I was trembling and couldn’t keep my hands still but I just kept repeating all the things Alan had said to me and I just kept getting braver and braver.
An hour and a half later I was on the floor with the kitten running around my feet and I even kissed it and was sad to see it leave.
Never in all my life did I ever think that day would come and it’s all thanks to Alan.
My life has totally changed and I’m so looking forward to being able to go to places now with the kids that we could never go to before.
I’ll be able to relax on my holidays now and I can’t believe I’m actually saying this, I can’t wait to play about with a wee kitten again cause it was actually so cute. Don’t live like the way I did when you don’t need to. It’s no way to live.
I actually said to myself last night…the only way to get over your fear is to be brave and face it. Thank you Alan …….Karen.

Phobia of Dogs … Err No !!!

Phobia of dogs - not any more !

Phobia of dogs – not any more !




Thanks to Alan Gilchrist for curing me of my life long fear of dogs.

Genius……..  Deborah…






Fear of choking

In December 2015 I choked on a large tablet. I was afraid to take any tablets after that.

The tablets were bad enough by then I started to have the same fear about certain foods. I stopped eating certain foods and I couldn’t even go out for a meal with my family and friends.

Things went from bad to worse. I was having phobias about lots of things. My mum knew about Alan as my brother had been with him some years previously and she rang to make an appointment for me.

I was a bit nervous about going but now I am so glad I did. Alan helped me a great deal and I am coping very well now. I can go out for meals and am enjoying my food again.

I am so glad for myself and my family.

Thank you Alan for all your help, I don’t know what I would have done without it.

Many thanks Vivien


I’m so happy to confirm I m back out on the bike and have had 3 successful cycling events in the past 2 weeks.
Here is hoping to continued positive attitude and outlook on my cycling future.

I am indebted to you for your help in getting me to this stage of my journey
Kind regards


Thank You. Thank You,Thank You!!!
I had my M.R.I scan. I just can’t thank you enough.
I simply couldn’t have done it without your help.
Forever Grateful….Grace…..

Phobia of Birds

Hi Alan, sorry I haven’t contacted you sooner as things at school have been mad. I just wanted to say thank you so so much for everything, I had a great time in London and using the auto-hypnosis I can definitely say I am no longer afraid of birds!

My mum and dad were amazed by how calm I was and they didn’t have to chase away any pigeons … I even got my photo taken with a live owl, which would have been unthinkable before the hypnosis!
I can safely say that my only regret is that I didn’t come to you sooner!
Thanks again for everything,

Phobia of Driving

I was with you a month ago to help me with my driving. Just to let you know I am doing really well. I have been out on my own and have been able to go and see my lovely grandchildren and visit my best friend.

Thank you so much for helping me get over my fears.I have listened to the CD every day and it has really helped me.
Sometimes I cant believe I am doing this myself.

I still have a few more places I would like to go to (see my sister) one day soon I will.
I want to thank you again. Many thanks
PS I will keep at it, I feel great.

Phobia of Heights

Hi Alan
I attended three sessions with you back in January of this year and just wanted to thank you for curing me of my fear of heights.

I was well aware of the progress I had made at the time by hiking to the top of the Cave hill and sitting on the end of the cliff and the ultimate NI benchmark of crossing Carrick-a-Rede rope bridge, not only with no issues, but stopping halfway across and having a wee bounce 🙂

However it has taken me this long to let you know how I had progressed as I was going to NYC in September and wanted to try the Empire State building before declaring myself fully over my phobia. Not only did I do this, but also went to the top of the Rockefeller Centre, both without even having to prepare myself mentally.

An absolute breeze!!
Many thanks again for changing my life.

Gary D

Phobia of Being Sick

I’m only 15 and I’ve had a phobia of sick for as long as I can remember!

I could never go to school trips on primary school or high shook because I was too scared of someone being car sick, I couldn’t go to the cinema in case someone was sick, couldn’t go to funfairs in case someone was sick, or anywhere which involved a lot of people!

I just was so nervous about someone being sick! I even panicked if my dog was sick! If someone Was sick around me i would have taken a panic attack screaming and crying and counted control myself, I hated it! Mum made me go to different counselors but none of them seemed to be working at all, I still missed out on important school trips and going out with friends.

When mum told me about Alan Gilchrist and Belfast Hypnosis I was a bit nervous because I thought it wasn’t really something for people my age and was worried that it would be awkward, but I’d do anything to get over my fear of sick as I had a dance competition coming up in Dublin, and needed to get on the bus to get there, so I said I’d give it a go!

When I met Alan he was lovely and made you feel really comfortable! The sessions were not awkward at all, they went in really quickly and all I had to do was listen to a CD when I went to bed and then learn auto-hypnosis which was easy! I got on that bus to Dublin without feeling one bit nervous, I went to the funfair, I can go to the cinema and just live my life!

My dog was sick last week and I just looked away and I was fine! My friend vomited in front of me and I just didn’t look at it and I was fine, just a slight bit nervous but I used auto-hypnosis to calm myself down and I was fine!

Most people my age wouldn’t agree to going to hypnotherapy but I’m so glad I did! I would really recommend it to people of my age because it works 100%, now I can just be myself, without worrying about someone being sick!


Phobia of Needles/Injections

I used to think I was being childish about my fear of needles; however it was very clear that this phobia was affecting my life and was only going to continue affecting it in the future.

Throughout my childhood, I would have fainted before even receiving any injections. As I grew up, I had my mind set that I couldn’t go through with it and would have myself worked up about it. It got to the stage recently where I even felt faintish upon getting my blood pressure taken and would always have to be lying down to get it done. I would avoid the doctors in all occasions for the fear of having to get blood taken. I couldn’t touch my veins or take my own pulse.

Watching others rubbing the inner part of their arm where the blood is taken from, would have been enough to land me on the floor. After suffering from vertigo earlier this year, I was taken to the hospital (unaware that it was vertigo I had,) the nurse proceeded to try and take blood and she told me that I was taking a panic attack. It’s not that it was painful, my mind would have played overtime and I would be on the verge of passing out. I then vomited after getting it done and fanned myself down to avoid fainting.

My father quit smoking with the help of Alan and he recommended me going to see him. I read up on his website and soon found that others have suffered from the same phobia, however not to this extreme. I got in touch with Alan and explained my situation –little did he know how bad I actually was.

I met Alan the first day and again discussed my fears and worries. He began the hypnosis and would have only been a minute into it when I passed out upon him saying the words pins and needles when discussing how hypnosis may affect your body for the first time – “almost like a feeling of pins and needles in your fingers.” I was glad Alan got to see how bad I was, never mind how shocked he was. He was very determined however to ensure that we got to the bottom of it. I was his new ‘challenge’ over the next month and half.

I listened to Alan’s CD regularly and returned for my second session where I was already feeling a little more positive and open minded. On the third session, I again was feeling much stronger and had begun being able to rub my own arm and veins. As the weeks progressed, I couldn’t believe how my attitude was changing. I didn’t find myself constantly thinking and worrying about what if I take sick and have to go to the doctors and get my bloods done. I have been able to deal with the unexpected.

As a school teacher you have to deal with many a nasty cut!

I had my fourth session with Alan and explained all of the above. I was also preparing for an interview. Alan integrated this into one of my CDs, so that I could use it to keep me calm and relaxed for the interview and think positively. We arranged a date for my final visit. In the meantime I kept trying out auto-hypnosis and listening to the CD to relax me. I had said to Alan from day one, once I had my final session completed, I would book an appointment at the doctors to get my bloods done. However, after suffering with a very sore throat, I booked into get it checked. Mind you I went to the doctors very calmly and felt positive and fearless.

I asked the doctor about getting my bloods checked whilst I was there. He looked at me strangely, as he has had to experience me and my phobia on to many an occasion. Therefore, he was quite shocked to hear me ask as I would usually be out the door with the mention of it. I proceeded to wait in the waiting room, taking deep breaths and using what I had learned from auto-hypnosis to keep me relaxed. I went into the nurse’s room and managed to get my bloods done without passing out or being sick. I had a glass of water and got up and drove home as proud as punch.

I went to Alan a couple of days later for my final session to give him some great news, not only did I get the permanent job I had applied for but I had managed to go to the doctors and even asked to get a blood sample done myself! He was delighted, as was I.

I can’t thank Alan enough for all his help and support. I feel so much more confident with regards to this phobia which has been knocking me back for years. I would recommend Alan to anyone. No matter how ‘silly’ you may think your problem his, he can help you in the best possible way, making you feel so at ease and determined to overcome whatever it is you wish to achieve

Phobia of Birds

My fear of birds has ruined my life since I was about 7/8 years old. I had learned many ways of avoiding them especially out shopping.
Holidays were the worst time – ” birds are everywhere on holiday “?

I was recommended Alan by a relative who had had great success for smoking.

It has truly transformed my life. For the first time I can take my grandchildren to the zoo and St………. Farm. ( was never able to take my children!!!!)

Please Please if you are ruled by your fear ( whatever it is ) come to Alan.


PS I can even do butterflies now!!!!! YIPPEE

Phobia of Death

Hello, I am a past patient of yours.. I had a bad phobia of death and coming to terms with going out side, your help helped me so much… I never think of these things at all

Phobia of Crowds

I went to see Alan as a last resort. My lack of confidence in myself was affecting my life terribly. Finding it difficult to leave the house , even didn’t like big crowds or having attention in any way.

Alan changed my life.

Sounds dramatic but I can’t explain anymore. Give it a go ! Thank you Alan
Dr. G

Phobia of Injections/Needles/Blood

My problem is quite an unusual one , although one that had been with me for as long as I can remember. It is a mixture of the fear of needles/injections etc, along with the sight of blood or any kind of gory event.

As I got older it now seems to me to be the “pain” aspect of a situation. Its almost like I take on whatever “pain” I’m seeing and imagine , or feel it within myself – this then causes me to feel terribly week and results in me fainting. Seeking the help of Hypnotherapy with Alan Gilchrist was really a last option for me , as I had tried seeking help from doctors and they were unable to help.

My phobia had taken over me for so long, it was now an automatic reaction if I came in contact with any injection, blood or any type of pain. It even occurred whilst on a night out at the cinema. The scenes of a particular film were just too graphic , I felt myself get incredibly sick , cold and hot flushes and before I knew it , I had fainted. Quite public scenes like this one , were becoming more and more common – I knew I had to do something about it.

My 1st Hypnosis session was incredibly effective. I felt relaxed to an amazing degree, that when I “woke up” I felt so free of stress and tension , almost light headed, I couldn’t help but smile. Throughout the other sessions I learned to completely relax my whole self at a much quicker rate. Different breathing exercises and positive thinking helped me face and conquer my phobia.

I’ve recently attended the dentist to get my 1st filling , I endured an injection to numb the area and was able to get through it without fainting – as you can imagine I was over the moon. I’ve never known myself not to faint in that kind of scenario.

I’m now planning to re-watch that film I fainted at whilst at the cinema. I feel confident I can get through the whole film this time. I’d like to take this opportunity to thank Alan Gilchrist for all his help and advice. I really feel I’ve come so far and although it will take ongoing work on myself to conquer many other problems that should arise, I now feel confident and positive to conquer them successfully

Phobia of Spiders

My partner and I had made the decision to travel to Australia and get married whilst there. Unfortunately I was considering not going due to my dreaded fear of spiders!

After attending Alan’s Belfast Hypnosis Centre for 3 – 4 sessions my life completely changed. I was no longer scanning rooms for creatures, I do not break into ” cold sweats” at the sight of them. I am a more calmer, more controlled person.

I will never like spiders but I can remain calm and deal with the situation much more effectively.

I was able to go to Oz – get married and have a fabulous time! Thanks Alan

Phobia of Being Stared At

There are certain turning points in everyone’s life, and one of mine occurred when I was fortunate to meet Alan Gilchrist.
For 40+ years I had always felt acutely self-conscious when out in public, walking about town, meetings and socialising at parties and other gatherings.

I always felt that everyone was watching and judging my every move, as if all “eyes” were on me. I had read numerous books, downloaded lots of reading material an this issue, even got Hypnotised by someone else a few years ago. But the problem remained.

I had had enough and I decided I would have to do something about it. My life was becoming so restricted. I wasn’t getting any younger and the problem wasn’t getting any better! So I ” Googled” the problem. It seemed I may scopophobia, and I contacted Alan and one week later I was in his company. I explained my feelings and he assured me he could help me.

I took 4 sessions of Fast Track Hypnosis, and I can honestly say, after the first one, I was literally “bouncing ” up the Lisburn Road, feeling like I had a massive weight lifted off me! I was relaxed, calm, focused on here and now, and the whole Hypnosis experience was phenomenal ! Each session made me believe I could overcome my issue, boost my self belief and confidence, and my self worth.

Now I enjoy life, I am more relaxed, self assured and believe in myself.
My only regret is that I didn’t contact Alan many years ago!

So if anyone reading this has a similar problem or any issue at all – just do it – book that session with Alan NOW!!

Thank you so much Alan and take care


Phobia of Injections

Dear Alan ,
Just a wee note to thank you for helping E… achieve over 8 injections with R…. over the last 2 weeks . It has been amazing!. She still has more treatment to get but is no longer scared. R…. is such a wonderful dentist and thank you for recommending him. God works through so many people.

Phobia of People eating

Hi Alan,
I had a terrible phobia of people eating noisily around me. After coming to see you my phobia has dramatically reduced and is now almost completely gone, its only a matter of time. Coming up to Christmas will be a big test for me. Normally I would be panicking about it but now I’m actually looking forward to the Christmas dinners!. Anyway I can always do the auto hypnosis that you taught me.

My confidence is a lot better and although I can still hear them doing it, it really doesn’t bother me the way it used to. I am delighted with the results

Phobia of Being Alone With Someone

I was afraid of people, especially being alone with someone.

The fear that they would touch me in an intimate way was overpowering. I also would have been quite happy not to have left my home. Thankfully after seeing Alan these feelings have gone away. I am more confident with people and do not have feelings of fear anymore. Also I am braver within myself and can communicate happily with people.

I am so glad I went to see Alan.

I would recommend anyone to seek help with Hypnosis.

I have got my life back.

Phobia of Roller Coasters

Hi Alan
Last year I attended you to help me relax and get over my fear of roller coasters as I was going to Florida on holidays.

WELL I am just back form that holiday to Florida and I can tell you that I have been on all the roller coasters in Orlando not only once but several times, ok the first few time I still had some issues, but what a RESULT!!!!!!

My stammer also getting better some good days and some not so good days. (didn’t come for this)

Alan I can’t thank you enough!!!!
Thank you again,
Allistair G

Phobia of Mice

Hi Alan,
A few months ago you treated me for my fear of mice that had made me leave my home. I just wanted to let you know that I am now back home full time and enjoying my life again… my phobia has yet to put to the test thank god but I feel confident that there is nothing I can’t handle! I wanted to say thank you for all your help.

I really do think your sessions helped to get my life back.

Thanks again
Karen M

Phobia of Needles

Hi Alan
Cera D here from Omagh just wanted to let you that I had to get steroid injections into my feet on Wednesday and as you can imagine I was not looking forward to that because of my phobia of needles.

I took your CD with me and would you believe it I got it done, yippee. Alan there was no way I would have been able to do that without your help so a huge thank you.
Many thanks
Cera D

Phobia of Injections

Dear Alan,
I just wanted to drop you a wee line to thank you for all you have done for Bethany. 2 months ago she was terrified of needles, and would not let either the dentist work on her teeth or permit the practice nurse to give her, her due vaccination for tetanus.

It distressed her as she is 15 and she understood that if she did not get the work done on her teeth she was going to loose them before she was much older, It distressed me too as her mum, watching the terror take over her life. We had been watching dancing on ice on telly, and saw how one of the contestants got hypnotherapy for confidence.

Bethany suggested she would be game to try it and hence the phone call to you. I thank the Lord above for the gifts and abilities that he gives us and at the moment am mightily impressed at your gift that you have exercised on Bethany. Not only has she been able to attend the dentist and get her gum frozen prior to treatment, she didn’t even flinch nor bat an eyelid in doing so. On her way into the dentist she asked me to make an appointment at the doctors for her tetanus shot, which she got just on Thursday.

The nurse that gave it to her could not believe the transformation, as she had tried for 40 minutes to coax her into getting the tetanus injection. Bethany used her Ipod with your CD on it just to regulate her breathing. She has since asked me if she can get her ears pierced. This is really big for her, she’s always admired her 3 sister’s earrings, and was always a bit ‘down’ because she couldn’t wear them.

Now that she has overcome the phobia of needles I’m worried in case she gets a tattoo!!!

Thank you once again Alan for guiding my daughter through a troublesome time. May the Lord bless you and give you health to carry on exercising your gift and knowledge.
Highest regards,

Phobia of Nervous Twitch

Better late than never! I wanted to thank you very much for the help that you gave me for my nervous twitch, it was making my life difficult and made it difficulty for me to go into new situations or even study at school because of the teasing from other children.

You were my last resort and glad to say that after a few sessions it disappeared, giving me a much better quality of life! Thanks again 🙂 did I mention that this was 20 years ago, but as I say better late than never.

Phobia of Needles

Thank You
Hi Alan, I just wanted to say a huge thank you for your help. I had a very severe phobia of needles and I needed my blood taken in early January. I contacted you and you told me to listen to your session, which I did and thank god I did it. I got my bloods done and the results are good.

So thank you soooooo much. I will listen to the CD every time I need to go to get bloods done, hopefully not to often.


Phobia of Water

Hiya Alan,
I’m just under that wave! 12-foot end means nothing anymore. Life does begin at “40”, for some of us, in the water.
Many thanks from
Pat(Phobia of water/swimming)

Phobia of Tunnels

Dear Alan,
Just a short note to thank you for the excellent assistance which I received whilst on my course of treatment. As you know I am a member of the Northern Ireland Fire Brigade and part of my regular training incorporates the training in a B.A Pod which consists of crawl ways, tunnels and going through barrels.

However after ten years in this service, I became conscious of the closed-in surroundings and suddenly found myself having panic attacks to which I used every excuse I could find, in case I would be found out, as I know I would have been automatically dismissed from the Service. I would not have been able to complete my training, and, I would have been assumed unfit for fire service duties.

But after a course with you I found that I could relax and I became more self-motivated, and I was no longer tense as I had been previously. I would like to take this opportunity to reassure any other N.I.F.B personnel who like myself find themselves in the same situation to do not hesitate to contact you and complete the course.

As I can assure them that it does work and they will benefit from it as being a more relaxed, more calm than before and have an outlook as previously they had. So once again I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your assistance and I will always be in your debt as you saved not only my job but my livelihood as well.
I am sir, yours gratefully.
Name withheld

Phobia of swimming

Dear Alan,
A couple of months ago I went to see if you could help me overcome my fear of water. I would like to thank you for changing my life. I have now overcome my phobia and can swim after only 2 sessions of hypnosis. It’s like a dream come true, without you I could never have done it.

I only wish I had gone to you years ago. I hope this will give hope to someone else who has the same phobia as I had. I am going on holidays and now I will be able to join my friends swimming. I still can’t believe it, for me it’s better than winning the lottery. Will send you a postcard.
Thank you Alan.

Phobia of Water

To Alan,
Thank you so much, I Eileen K…. From Li….. Can now stand up in the swimming pool, swim the full length no bother. I am still listening to your CD when I am in bed every night. I now love going to swim all thanks to you…..

Phobia of Spiders

Dear Alan,
I just wanted to write a review and thank you for all your help over the past weeks. Your help, support and patience were very much appreciated. I was initially skeptical as to what hypnosis involved and if it could actually help. I am delighted with the results and feel much more relaxed about everything, not least my fear of spiders.

The hypnosis and my new ability to relax have gone a long way to help me on many levels and long may it continue. You made a totally new and quite daunting experience very easy, and your friendliness and caring attitude towards my totally “irrational” fears was also very much appreciated. I really don’t know what I would have done without you.

Thanks again
PS I feel absolutely wonderful to get my life back again

Phobia of Cancer

Dear Alan,
Thank you for all your help, could not have made it without you. I will never forget. May your God bless you and your family and keep you in good health always so you can keep up the good work.
Yours faithfully
M (This was a cancer sufferer who had a phobia of it returning)

Phobia of Needles

I just wanted to thank you for helping me to overcome my phobia. It has greatly improved the quality of my life. All the best for the future.
Justine(Fear of needles)

Phobia of Dentists

Dear Alan,
After getting Hypnotherapy in Belfast for the fear of dentists I am pleased to tell you that it has been a complete success. I visited my dentist and was able to get a nerve out of my tooth without shaking an inch. I even refused the relaxing gas. I felt wonderful and so much at ease when I was on the dentist’s chair.

I can’t thank you enough,
Ps I am also starting my training as a dental nurse!

Phobia of Death

Dear Alan
Thank you for giving me the strength to cope with life . A phobia controls your life. Every minute of every day it dominates every thought and move you make and I was no exception. When I first came to see you I was a mess. I had no appetite, I was tired all the time and my whole body would ache and shake uncontrollably. I just couldn’t cope.

From my first visit to you my physical health and mental state began to improve. Each day was better than the previous one and it was such a natural progression that it wasn’t a shock to my system. Today I now feel well, younger than ever and content.
Ne (phobia of death)

Phobia of Travelling

Dear Alan,
I hope you are well. We have just returned from our holiday to France and I am writing to let you know how we got on. Firstly we traveled by HSS to Stranraer and we brought the relaxation CD with us.

Michael for the first time actually got up and walked around the ferry.

It was wonderful to see him so happy and relaxed.

We stayed in England two nights and then took the channel tunnel to France. We also traveled a lot by car and I have to admit he handled the whole journey remarkably well.
So we thank you very much for all you did for him.

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