Reviews about the Hypnotherapist in Belfast Alan Gilchrist

Reviews about Hypnotherapist in Belfast Alan Gilchrist from people who have used Fast Track Hypnosis to learn to relax.

Alan Gilchrist Reviews and Testimonials

Over the years my waiting room walls have gathered quite a lot of letters from past clients telling of how Alan Gilchrist Fast Track Hypnosis has helped them to stop smoking. Many people coming through my door for the first time will say to me ” I bet you haven’t heard of my problem before”.

Then I would point to a letter from someone with a similar problem.

All the Reviews and Testimonials on this page are genuine and from clients who have successfully learned to relax using my system.

Please note, the original letters and emails are held at my Belfast office.

Jaime Whelan – 8 years of age

For stuttering

Alan, you really helped me. You have really improved my talking and it is really fun and I listen to my CD every night and I love it so so much.

And I love talking.


I am writing to thank you for your hypnotherapy sessions as my recent IVF cycle has been successful.
The CD was an essential tool in helping and keeping me relaxed during a stressful time.

I will be forever grateful.

I am still listening to the CD to keep me relaxed over the next few months.

Yours gratefully

Hi Alan As discussed just an update on D…..  following last visit.

We went to Boucher retail park on Saturday and tried several of her shops, she was nervous at the start and a bit embarrassed using the self hypnosis.

She did manage to walk up the stairs in New Look but only managed to stay a minute.

However she went downstairs again and made a few purchases without any problem.

She asked to go out again shopping on Monday and went for her school uniform, no issues and I am delighted she is thinking about going back to school.

She then went around Coleraine town.

First time in almost 8 months and went into the Diamond Centre, in the past wouldn’t even go through the front doors.

Over to the retail park now and asked if I would like to go in for a coffee!!

 I nearly dropped, she stood in the queue and sat indoors relaxed and chatted.

First again in about a year !!.

Tuesday off to the Zoo and after she went for a Pizza and sat inside. No cardboard box in car or drive thru now.

Back on the Motorways and no issues with speed.

I think what I am trying to say is she is well on her way now.

She is gaining confidence by the day and is planning to go to the movies and to her friends house.

Words cannot express what you have done for D….. and myself.

It has been a lonely time and we have both been isolated and even I can’t believe we are doing normal things now.

Our future is looking better thanks to you.

To recap:

D…..  …. had panic attacks and had lost contact with the outside world.

She didn’t sleep well and was frightened to sleep on her own.

Couldn’t look up to the sky or above her head without feeling dizzy.

We may never know the reason why this started but one thing is certain thanks to you it is now a thing of the past.

Best wishes for the future,

you really are an incredible gifted man and we will never forget our time with you.


I had suffered from Tinnitus which had become so severe it was interfering with work and sleep. The noise was becoming unbearable and headaches started. I felt I was becoming more tired but could not sleep or rest as the noise in my ears could not be blotted out.

My doctor gave me advice to “ read about it on the internet and there was nothing she could do”,

I decided to be proactive and approached Alan Gilchrist to hypnotise me. I had one session and an additional session to obtain Essential Oils to supplement the hypnosis.

I noticed a difference within 4 days as noise was dimming or maybe hypnosis made me ignore. Whatever the hypnosis did, it has made me regain normality.

Within a week the noise was gone. I listened to the CD daily and stopped after a month. That was 4 months ago and no tinnitus recurrence.

I feel like a new person. I would recommend anyone who suffers from tinnitus to give it a try.

It really worked for me.

Thanks Alan !


William L….  07/07/2016

After being told I was on a waiting list for heart surgery, I began to experience the symptoms of extreme anxiety. This was something I had never experienced before, for any reason.

I contacted Alan on a Thursday evening and he was able to see that Sunday.

On meeting Alan, he immediately put me at my ease and reassured me that this could be resolved.

After 4 sessions of Fast Track Hypnosis, I was able to use the techniques he taught me to put things into perspective and relax on a level I had not experienced before.

I found the whole process very positive and enlightening and I would have no hesitation in recommending Alan and his technique. I am now more at peace with myself and can control my anxiety better by being more positive and confident.

I cannot thank you enough Alan.

Relationship Stress

I have been living in a relationship dogged and haunted by my husbands undiagnosed “complicated grief disorder”, where he is unable to reconcile 3 bereavements.

Since I had my first session I was able to give different responses to the cycle of co-dependency, passive aggressive aggression and threats of suicide from my husband.

Over the course of treatment, my husband was exposed, as well as the way I had been conditioned to cover up his abusive behaviour and lack of resolution to the bereavements.

In a few short weeks, changing how I respond to stresses, my husband has been able to access the mental health professionals he has needed for a long time. Although this is not how I wished to live our lives, I have the confidence and self-respect now to face the reality of our circumstances and accept that he may never recover, but my children and I have a future and can have a great life.


Alcohol Addiction

Dear Alan

I want to thank you for giving me back my life.

You did for me in the four weeks what no doctors or counselors or psychiatrists could do in twenty years.

Right from the first therapy session with you did I begin to feel absolutely marvelous.

I wake up each day now without the constant fear of my past addiction taking hold of me. I no longer even think of my old life. I can totally relax and feel so much more confident and positive.

Small things such as taking my 1 year old granddaughter to town, visiting my aunt who is ill. Little things I could never do, have made such an impact on my life.

Of course, I do get a bit down sometimes and other people can be inconsiderate towards my feelings, but now I can COPE.

Sometimes I listen to your CD’s but I find now when I need to I just think of your voice and my mind opens up and I can so easily go into an amazing relaxed state.

Alan you have a wonderful gift and are a perfect gentleman. I’m so glad I found you.

Thank you so much, words cannot express how much gratitude I have for you.


Psychical Impotence

Hi Alan,

My name’s Mark and I first contacted you regarding your fast track hypnosis a year ago this Monday for intimacy issues which are now long forgotten.
However, I haven’t forgotten how you helped me to improve this part of my life and I will be forever grateful.
Following four sessions with you there was an immediate improvement and I now enjoy an active sex life without fear of failure.
I am still with the same girl and we are very happy together, with even talk of marriage in the future. I am quite sure that this wouldn’t have been possible without your intervention.
I just wanted to thank you again and I will forever recommend your service.
All the best, Mark

Hi Alan,

In August last year I contacted you regarding intimacy issues, which I later learned was called psychical impotence.

I was having great difficulty maintaining an erection for any length of time with my girlfriend due to nerves or thinking about it too much and the sex was a bit of a flop.

I was embarrassed and unsure to begin with what to do about this issue. It had plagued me for years on and off but it was never really a major issue as I hadn’t been with anyone in a relationship, so if it happened it happened and if it didn’t well I wasn’t overly bothered.

However, in July of this year I began dating someone who I really liked and I felt by not being able to have sex properly I wasn’t fulfilling her and I didn’t think she would hang around if this issue continued.

I was embarrassed, frustrated and beginning to feel very low. On the night of Saturday the 9th of August we tried to have sex but nothing happened. She was very understanding but for me that was the final straw … I decided I was going to do something about it.

The next day I thought about it loads and finally decided to consider hypnosis as (even though at the time I wasn’t even sure if this was something that could work). Your service was the first I came across and even though I was skeptical I was also desperate so decided to give it a go. After a few emails back and forward you rang me and explained the condition and possible ‘treatment’ to me. Initially I was put off by the price as I was moving into a house and didn’t know if I could justify the money but I felt I had no other option but to try it and thought if I could get this sorted it would change the quality of my life.

I was excited to begin the ‘treatment’ and went in with an open mind and I was hopeful. Even though there was still a part of me that was doubtful that this would actually work. I remember at the beginning of hypnosis I felt a bit giggly, like what am I doing here but by the end I felt refreshed and even a little more confident as I walked out.

The next day me and my girlfriend were going to Westport for and overnight stay. The anticipation was high but I remained nervous not knowing what to expect … surely one session of hypnosis and one play of the CD couldn’t have ‘cured’ me?! Well it had!!! Or at least it was a start.!

As we began to have sex my girlfriend sensed that something was different. I could see by the look on her face that she was as impressed as I was. I hadn’t told her before this that I had been to hypnosis but couldn’t wait to tell her after. We laughed about it together and I felt a huge weight lifting off my shoulders.

Since that day we have been having great sex. For the first month or two I was still nervous, wondering if i things would be ok or if I’d ‘fail’. Mostly it was fine apart from a couple of minor blips which could be explained by tiredness. In the past couple of months the sex has been getting hotter and hotter and neither of us have any complaints.

The main thing is that in my opinion, this has allowed us to develop a normal, healthy relationship without me worrying about sex or letting my girlfriend down. We are both very happy and our relationship is going from strength to strength.

This is definitely thanks to you and hypnosis. It has given me the confidence to have sex without risk of failure. To be honest I never really done the self-hypnosis after the first couple of weeks but I feel because I had been experiencing success this is now what I expect and never have any doubts about my performance. I feel I just needed the initial positive experiences to prove that I can do this and stop me worrying.

I would definitely recommend your service to anyone having any similar issues with confidence.

There is no doubt that the mind is a powerful thing but you’ve helped me to take charge of mine.

Thanks for everything M……


Sorry I haven’t replied sooner. I didn’t forget I just wanted to leave it a few months In order to truly know what affect your sessions had on me.

As I stand today I am now truly the happiest I have been since I first become low, sad, miserable….DEPRESSED 15 years ago.

I Am 31 now but don’t feel it,I feel like I have a new lease of live, I’m HAPPY, confident, proud, outgoing, secure, I could go on. I can control my emotions, I don’t allow situations to swallow me up like they used to. I feel like for the first time the blinkers are off, the haziness in my head/brain has cleared and I’m now able to think positively. I love myself, my life, I’m proud of my success and im letting people and myself in.

I know its your job but I’m not sure if you really understand that your ‘job’ saves people. I said if only I had seen you sooner, your response: ‘it wasn’t the right time’ and I agree. I’m living my life and I have you to thank for that.

From the bottom of my heart

Mary E x

Bed wetting as a child – Smoking as an adult.My first encounter with Alan was as an 11/12 year old child. My mum brought me to see Alan as a last resort having tried the medical route for bed wetting, without success.

Alan taught me self hypnosis and immediately the problem stopped, meaning I could at last go for sleepovers without worrying about it.

Years later I returned to Alan (24 years to be precise!!) for smoking cessation. Which I am delighted to say worked and I am now back for a third time for weight loss.

Highly recommended !  Thanks Alan Paula K……..

Selective Mutism
From my daughters early years y husband and I were concerned because the only people that she spoke to were her parents, two sisters, brother and her grandmother. She did not speak to close aunts and uncle. She did not speak to anyone at Nursery school, Primary school or when she started Secondary school.

When she was in P5 she saw a Pediatrician and was diagnosed with Selective Mutism. My husband and I were devastated not knowing how to get her help.

When her aunt would come and bring her presents she would come to me and try to hide but whisper in my ear to say thank you.

On her first day of Secondary school she came home distraught and I thought she would never go back.

Our last hope was to try Hypnosis although I had no idea if this would help or not. We made an appointment with Alan Gilchrist when she was about 12 years old and we explained to Alan the difficulties she was experiencing. Alan agreed to see her with myself and my husband. After her first appointment on a Friday night, the first improvement I noted was that when I took her to school on the Monday, she got out of the car confidently and walked into her school.

Alan saw her three more times and although the improvement was gradual it was enough to restore hope to my husband and myself.

Now my daughter is 19 years old and has never looked back. She went by herself when she finished school and sought employment.

She now holds a steady job in retail where she is dealing with the general public on a daily basis. She has even modeled clothes in a public environment, chatting freely with the organisers and laughing with the photographer, who she had never met before. She is bubbly and outgoing, chatting freely with family members and has had a couple of relationships and is now in a long term relationship with a boy whose parents adore her and have her to stay at their house on occasions.

My sisters and brother who shared our concern for her are delighted to see how she has progressed and also are thrilled to be in her company and interacting in a way they never thought possible.

This is all thanks to Alan Gilchrist that we have a wonderful daughter who is freed from the misery of Selective Mutism……Carole

Sleep, Being more positive and confidence.
Dear Alan, Sorry it has taken so long to put pen to paper, the reason for this is life has been busy and much better, thanks to your Hypnosis !!! I am now sleeping much better , this I attribute to the fact I can now relax. Something I found extremely difficult before I met you.

I have a more positive outlook and problems which may arise seem much easier to solve and I now have the confidence to do so. Smiling comes naturally again thanks so much.
I would recommend Alan’s Hypnosis for anyone reading this to give it a go.
It is life changing! Thanks again

Learning to relax and a calmer outlook.
My friend decided to visit Alan to help her prepare for an interview and I came along for moral support! I had been very busy with work and my young family and felt pretty overwhelmed by it all, so I decided to book myself in for a session with Alan. It was really relaxing and not at all what I thought it would be like. I listened to the CD which Alan gave me after the session, each night, and actually looked forward to the experience . Friends and family started to notice my calmer outlook and I realised the benefits myself.

Any time I feel that life is becoming too hectic and my sense of humour is slipping again, I take out the CD and listen to it again. In about a day or two I begin to feel more in control again. I can not recommend Alan enough. He is approachable, friendly and above all professional in his work.
Do not suffer in silence – do something positive and take control. YOU OWE IT TO YOURSELF!!

Before visiting Alan I was drinking every night. After my first visit I stopped drinking completely and drink is no longer a factor in my life. In fact I get an almost perverse pleasure in telling people I don’t drink. Thanks for everything Alan i now have my life back

Blushing, nervous tension and confidence.
Hi Alan, Sorry for not writing to you earlier. After a long spell of anxiety, blushing, nervous tension, I thought I would try Hypnotherapy and contacted Alan. It was the best move I’ve ever made. When we first met I knew I had made the right move, just talking to him made me relax. After the first session I felt so much better and played his CD everyday, until the next visit. After 4 visits and 3 Cds I was amazed at how much calmer and relaxed I had become.

It has now been 11 months since I first visited Alan and I feel great, my confidence is back and I don’t get flustered for the least thing any more. I am a really relaxed and contented person now and that’s thanks to Alan’s “amazing” work.

I’m feeling great. Anxiety, blushing etc. has gone thanks to your help and am a really relaxed person now. Still practising Auto-Hypnosis and love it. I am really glad I made the move to visit you because you have changed my life for the better.Thanks again, you’re amazing.

Hi Alan, just a very grateful thank you, had my first session yesterday with you and have felt unbelievable since, you have done more for me in 30 minutes than doctors, medicine and councillors in 3 years. I cannot wait for our next session soon. Please feel free to use this as a testimonial for your site as i feel it would be an honour and a way of thanking you

Depressed, feeling extremely sad and low.
I discovered Alan’s clinic online and immediately felt this would help me, I contacted Alan and arranged an appointment. At this point I was very depressed, feeling extremely sad and low. I was on the verge of having to take time off work – my depression was so bad.
After my first of four sessions the weight of the world began to lift and I began to feel much calmer. It is 2 weeks since I had my final session and I have been feeling very well. Alan has enabled me to live like any other young person and enjoy my life, I will be forever grateful and I genuinely mean that.

On your first visit you might sit in the waiting room looking at letters of thanks and think they are exaggerated, on your second visit these will become symbols of hope and thanks .

It is the best thing I have ever done to myself. Thank you Alan. Yours Sincerely
Susan (age 26 Belfast)

Dreadful anxiety, panic attacks and fears.
I decided to have a go at Hypnotherapy after a friend said she thought it was what I needed to do, I was sceptical and kept saying yes yes sometime. My friend knows me better than I thought. She had been to see Alan and it had been a big help for her. Having suffered a nervous breakdown I was left with the dreadful anxiety, panic attacks and fears I won’t go into as I feel they are personal to me.

After 4 sessions I can now say two and a half years later that I have experienced only one night with a partial panic attack waking me out of my sleep and I could take control of it. I will always be much more vulnerable, not the strong person I thought I was, but I do now have a much better quality of life and don’t live in fear.

When I went for my second appointment, I remember saying to Alan I was worrying that I wasn’t worrying, he said and I paraphrase, it’s hard to get rid of an old friend.

Alan, I am writing to thank you for the work you have done to help me. I had a problem that I started sweating the moment I went to work. The more In thought of it the worse it got. I was stressed and it occupied all my thoughts when I was there. I bothered me for 4 years and I had no idea what triggered it.

I saw you for 4 sessions and I am cured! I can now focus on my job without the worry of sweating. My only regret is not coming to see you sooner. You have my eternal thanks

Anxiety about learning to drive.
Hi Alan ,
I came to yourself a sceptic in need of help to stop smoking, here we are 18 months on and i am delighted to say a non-smoker.

I was so impressed by your work I returned a second time for help in reducing my anxiety about learning to drive. Once more this proved successful, and I am a confident learner driver. I know through friends and family that I have recommended you to, that you have managed to help them also with smoking, weight loss, and confidence. Thank you very much for helping me help myself. Many Thanks

Positive mindset
Hi Alan
I want to say a heartfelt ‘thank you’. I have maintained a happy, content and positive mindset since the session I had (must be about 5wks now). I really feel I’ve moved on from my divorce and am free to enjoy this new stage of my life.
I just wish to God I’d visited you sooner. Thank you so so much!

I have been bulimic for the last 16 years and I have had many sessions of counselling and been to eating disorder clinics but nothing had worked. I heard about Alan through my dentist as I suffered from many mouth infections due to my bulimia. I got in touch with Alan as this was my last resort, as nothing else had worked I thought I would give it a go.

On my first session with Alan he told me it would take about 4 sessions but after my first session things started getting better and I have not looked back or been sick since, and it only took 3 sessions! I feel on top of the world so I would recommend it to anyone who is battling an eating disorder to give it a try.

Alan, I want to take this opportunity to thank you from the bottom of my heart…Thank you …
Maura W

Bed wetting
Hello Alan. I should have wrote to you a long time ago before now to thank you. Some time ago I brought along my son who was bed wetting. I want to say a big ” THANK YOU ” for your help. You carried out Hypnosis and he played his CD every night. He’s now a healthy , happy young man. Thank you again …….


Anger and depression.
Before I visited Alan I was in bad form, to the point of tears every single day. I had been that way for months and it was getting worse. A series of events in my life , none of them perhaps significant to an outside eye, but they were to me, had knocked my confidence and taken their toll on me. Things had snowballed to the point where every little thing was annoying me and reducing me to tears. I wasn’t depressed to the point where anyone outside my immediate family was aware of it, but the effort of smiling was getting too much and I could feel myself sliding in bad directions.

I visited Alan four times, and even after the first visit I felt surprisingly better. I had never been hypnotised before and was a little wary, but the whole experience felt nothing more than being very relaxed and having him talk to me. It actually felt so normal that I was really surprised when I started to see results within hours.

Its been a month now , and while the underlying issues haven’t been fully resolved I haven’t been teary and upset
since my first visit and I feel much stronger. Basically I can see things much more clearly, and in a positive light – I’ve found the energy to start enjoying life again. Thank you Alan

P N D ( post natal depression) 
Alan succeeded where all doctors and psychologists failed.
I had waited 5 years to have a baby, not my choice, but my husband decided we couldn’t afford one straight away, so after a holiday in Corfu, I came home with a positive result – nine months later a beautiful baby daughter ( now 23 and at university), but 3 months after my daughter was born, I wasn’t able to sleep. I had had a caesarean birth so had to take it easy, which meant sitting around doing nothing , but the mental torture set in. Every minute of every day was the same, I didn’t know what was wrong, then I read a baby book and I found the answer – P N D ( post natal depression) .

After months of running to my GP in desperation my husband called Alan after seeing an advert . Well that was the turning point in my life , I listened to his tapes , yes in those days it was tapes, and the relief was almost instantaneous. I listened to my tapes on a regular basis , and still do to this day when stressed. The sound of Alan’s voice still has a calming , soothing effect. I went on to have another child , fortunately this time I had no P N D and was able to enjoy my second child. Please don’t suffer , don’t hesitate, get relief, peace of mind and start to enjoy life, believe me you can never look back but only positivity can come from your visit to Alan.

You do have to listen to your CD’s on a regular basis to get the full effect.

From a broken young woman, who could hardly get out of bed without crying or breaking down, I now run my own business. I never thought 23 years ago I would be writing this cause all I could think was negative thoughts. Now I have one grandchild which I really enjoy, I never thought I would see the day. I feel I owe you my life , as you had succeeded where others failed. I can’t thank you enough. Thank you for giving me the chance to love life so much

Dear Alan, just a short note to say thanks for your help over the last few weeks . Your persistence in helping me and treating me was much appreciated. It takes a special kind of therapist to do that and not many would have taken the same trouble. Listening to your CD’s everyday in conjunction with my medical treatment has helped me to cope much better and relieve the anxiety connected with it which was aggravating it . It also helped me feel a much happier, more confident person after the trauma of divorce 6 years ago.

I can’t thank you enough for how you have helped me and will doubtless be sending lots of other people to you. 4 months ago I didn’t know if I could ever be able to work again or how I was going to support my kids on my own.
Those fears have now gone thanks to you. With best wishes and regards

Recently I had the misfortune of being held up by a gunman at my place of work. I was in a terrible way – nervous and in a state of shock. I went to the doctors who gave me tablets to take but I didn’t want to take them.
Alan did a session for me to help overcome the trauma and gave me a CD as well, which helped me to relax and it took away the nervousness I was feeling.

My breathing and sleep got back to normal, I sleep like a baby now and all without tablets !. The CD and hypnosis was unbelievable and better than any tablets – it’s great now. Thank you Alan I couldn’t have done it without your help, and I am now back at work again.

Dear Alan,

Just s short note to thank you for your thoughtfulness and your kindness. Your hypnosis and CD was of great help to S….. and myself through very difficult times. S…. suffered greatly over the last year of his life. He fought so hard to live but unfortunately it was not to be.

Please god he is out of his pain and that he is at peace. He appreciated the efforts you went to and got great comfort from the CD when he listened to it. I would like to thank you once again for all your help. God bless you and your family.

Anxiety about health
I had been Ill for 15 months and as a result lost over 2 stone in Weight ( which I can ill afford). In January I went to see Alan as I was suffering real anxiety about my health and having a lot of tests, which incidentally were all clear.
From my first visit I knew Alan could help and I played his CD religiously twice daily and also at night.
I got a great nights sleep straight away and gradually began to feel a little better day by day.

This week was my last appointment and I must than Alan for his help, as I told him I don’t think I would have made it without his help. I am now eating and know that the future is rosy. Thanks again Alan

Panic attacks.
Dear Reader,
I am a 35 year old personal assistant who works for a consultant in the NHS. I was a confident person until a few years ago, following problems at my work place when I developed panic attacks.
I was off work for several months as it got to the stage where I was terrified to leave my home and I was prescribed anti – depressants by my G.P. My IBS was very severe and when I was able to leave my home, I was always panicking about not finding a bathroom on time and being able to leave meetings etc. if I needed to. This has had a terrible and long lasting effect on my confidence and my perception of who I am.

Recently I had been experiencing new stressors and decided to do something about it before I got full blown panic attacks once more. I couldn’t go through all that again and I didn’t want to take tablets. I did an internet search and found Alan Gilchrist who specialises in phobias and rehabilitating thought processes through hypnotism and arranged an appointment to see him.

This has been the best decision I have ever made!

Alan is so easy to talk to. His warmth and professionalism ensures that you know you can tell him anything without him being judgemental, and from our initial consultation, there have been dramatic changes in my life. I feel more like my old self, more confident, more positive and more aware of who I am, what I want and more importantly, I am no longer afraid to go and get it !

In fact, I have – I am in the process of enrolling in an Open University diploma course to further my academic studies, something I would not have dreamed I could do a few years ago. Other things I have noted include, situations don’t get on top of me as much, as I am much more relaxed. I sleep better and don’t suffer the tension pains in my shoulders and neck the same way I used to. In a strange twist, I’ve started to lose weight as I’m not comfort eating any more. Happy days !
I have really enjoyed my sessions with Alan and would sincerely recommend him to you. He can and will make a difference to your life.

Just some words to thank you for your help.
I am a full blown alcoholic who has been battling with my addiction for many years. While I can cope with the physical part of my addiction it has always been the mental part that I could not cope with. That is the part of my head that persuades me that I will be alright if I take a drink today ( when I know, if my thinking was right. I cant touch alcohol ).
I suppose that this is the hardest part of any addiction.
After just one session of your treatment you reversed that thinking in my head to ” I don’t drink any longer”. Not only that but my head tells me with such conviction.

After another 2 sessions I had been taught how to totally relax and more importantly how to hypnotise myself. This has been very useful in many stressful situations.
Thanks again for you help in turning my life around.
Peter. Have a useful day

I have had a fantastic summer, my confidence in myself has been steadily growing. I can’t express the calm I feel now compared with the eternal stress I was in before I came to see you!

Hand was working perfectly
Dear Alan,

We can’t thank you enough. For thirteen months C…… has been through so much. Having different tests done – attending hospitals every few weeks. During this time she was losing confidence in herself and because she had to wear a splint on her hand she didn’t like going out of the house.

At 12 years of age this was having a terrible effect on her. C. was only one year old when she had her thumb removed, and up until now her hand was functioning well. For no explainable reason it stopped, until she went to see you.

With just ten minutes into the second session her hand was working perfectly. It is unbelievable. We have been on a “HIGH” ever since. It’s great to have her back to herself again.
Thank you.
R, L and C.

Stress relief therapy, IVF treatment
Dear Alan,
I attended your office at the end of July for your stress relief therapy. I had already been through 4 cycles of IVF treatment and was about to go for my fifth try, so I wanted to make it as stress free as possible. I listened to your CD every night for the month before the treatment and although I did fall asleep ever night before the end of it I am happy to report that I have just had a positive pregnancy test.

I want to thank you sincerely for your help as I do believe that stress plays a large part in the outcome of this treatment.
Thanking you

Trigeminal neuralgia
Dear Alan,
I just want to thank you for all the support and help you gave me whilst I was going through a very bad patch with my trigeminal neuralgia. It was such a comfort to know that I had you to help ease the pain over those few weeks. I’m pleased to say that I am feeling and looking a lot better now, as always your CD’s worked a treat.

Depression and nervous tension headaches
Dear Alan,
as you know I came to see you the first time, more at the insistence of my wife than with any real hope of finding a let-up in the depression and nervous tension headaches which had plagued me for some time. Painkillers, anti depressants – I tried the lot. I was even admitted to hospital for treatment with no lasting benefits.

Yet here I am – unbelievably (and to my wife’s relief) a changed man, needless to say a very happy one. Thanks for your treatment and CD’s – I only wish that I had tried Hypnosis years ago, how different our lives would have been.
I am eternally grateful.

Palpitations, nausea, dizziness and headaches
Dear Alan,
This is an update as promised, which I know is probably destined for your waiting room…so I will tell your clients my story, which will hopefully help them. I began to suffer palpitations, nausea, dizziness and headaches. I also began to have panic attacks, which were prompted by a feeling of what Alan refers to as “impending doom” before entering certain situations. I thought I was going mad. I did not know it at the time, but I was under immense pressure: I was in my final year at university, I had noisy neighbours and had suffered bereavement.

My symptoms began to prevent me from doing everyday thing, such as attending lectures. I did not suffer from claustrophobia, but I felt that if I entered a class I would need to escape. This feeling spread to other situations. and also affected my working and social life. I tried everything. I visited my doctor and a counsellor, who were both understanding, but could not help me with my immediate situation.

Soon after, I thought of hypnotherapy. I found Alan’s advertisement in the Yellow Pages and when I spoke to him, he told me I had a fear of losing control. Now after five sessions and following all of Alan’s instructions, I feel much better. I have been to move on with my life without feeling the same intensity of fear. I sat an exam last week, and am now looking into classes in order to understand stress and how to cope with it. Sitting an exam and attending class would have been unthinkable as little as two months ago.

So thank you Alan, for giving me back the courage to take control of my life. To the person who is reading this now, just remember all is not lost. With Alan’s help you can do it!. And Alan – ” I hope I never see you again”!!”
Best wishes,

Find  misplaced necklace
Dear Alan,
thank you for all your help in helping me find my misplaced necklace. As you know it was of considerable value not to mention the sentimental value. I could not have achieved this without your help.
Yours Gratefully,

Feeling depressed, exhausted and even suicidal.
Dear Alan,
A week has passed since I had my last session and I’d like you to know that for the first time in about two years I feel excited about how I’m going to spend the rest of my life. After feeling depressed, exhausted and even suicidal, I couldn’t cope with my job, my children or my husband. Our relationship deteriorated very badly, it nearly split us up. My doctor was treating me for post natal depression and I’d been taking anti-depressants for eighteen months. But I still felt as if I’d been let down and very lonely.

Then one day my husband suggested that I make an appointment with you. I knew nothing about hypnosis and I was wary. But he made the appointment and I came along to see you feeling very desperate and scared. You were extremely understanding and put me at ease. You said that by the end of the session I would be smiling again. I was smiling and you made me realise that I didn’t have post natal depression, but that I couldn’t let go of my mother who had died just four months before my second son was born.

You helped me to say good bye to her and you also taught me to be confident, self assured and how to relax. I know now that I have to stand on my own two feet and not to depend on other people as I had done with my dearly loved mother. I am now ready to enjoy my life with the people I love and who are alive. My children need me to be strong and that’s what I am.

I will never be able to thank you enough for what you helped me to achieve. My mother would be proud. I dearly hope that this letter may help others who are in similar situations and help them not to be afraid, that they will learn to trust and allow themselves to be helped. I’ll say good bye now and keep up the good work.”
Yours Faithfully,

Negative thoughts.
Dear Alan,
just a short note to say thank you very much for all your help. When I first visited you I thought I was beyond help. My thoughts were so negative and I had lost interest in everything around me. Well I must tell you that after my first session I definitely noticed an improvement. After my next few sessions the change in my anxiety state was really amazing. My thoughts are now more positive . I am more confident and totally relaxed. I can honestly say that I have made a full recovery and back to my old self again, which is great. Hypnotherapy really worked for me.”
Many thanks again,

Dear Alan,
Sorry it took so long to write, and thank you very much for what you have done for me. It was this time last year I came to you with severe headaches, sore shoulders and no energy. I had been diagnosed as having M.E by 5 qualified doctors I may say, which I paid a fortune for advise and got no where! We were expecting our second child at the time, I was 3 months, we had a healthy baby girl so we have one of each now. I can enjoy them better, that’s down to your treatment. At the time I was sceptical at the start, but as time went on my health continued to improve. I knew you had helped me. Thank you

Nervous breakdown
Dear Sir,
this time last year my wife was heading for a breakdown. Her mother had a slight stroke and as a result had to come and live with us. My wife’s sleep pattern became disrupted, she was losing weight through lack of eating, etc. In general her health took a serious turn for the worse. Nothing the doctors could offer (and that was very little) seemed to work. I was at my wits end. A colleague at work mentioned Hypnosis. To be honest I was at the stage where I would try anything, and after a search for a local clinic came up with you. This for all of us was a turning point.

I can well remember our first visit – we didn’t know what to expect but you soon put us at our ease and started the treatment. After the second visit we could see the changes for the better, and after the third my wife found no need for further visits. It may be a year ago but I can assure you that I think of your excellent work every day and tell people about it regularly.

Without your help I don’t know where we would have been today. My wife is back to full health and strength, and is able to cope with her mother who is still with us. Sincere thanks from both of us, and best wishes for all you do in the future.
Yours in gratitude,
Mervyn and Lesley C.

To anyone in Alan’s waiting room!

Dear Alan,
this is just a note to say thank you for helping me with my jealousy! Lord knows that I was in an extremely depressed state. I was falling out with loved ones and friends alike. I broke up with my girlfriend because I could not handle my problem. I am not writing this letter to gain sympathy, I am writing it to let everyone know that I am a changed man- and it is all thanks to you Alan. I thought that I was beyond help and that I was going to be a lonely old man, then I decided to try Hypnosis and that all changed.

A man once told me” If you do not make a mistake – you make nothing” This is the truth- the mistake that I made was not trying hypnosis at the beginning. I am now back with my girlfriend and everything is great. To anyone reading the letter- you don’t lack strength, you lack will! Alan can give you the will to overcome your problems that you have, and I am a prime example of this.

And to you Alan- words can not express what you have done for me.
Forever in your debt,

Dear Alan,
Y. is off to America and I hope to a new life. This time last year H…. and I were desperate and not to feel any better for months to come. However we have made it through to now and the wonderful miracle of seeing Y. recovered, and better than we’ve ever known or could have hoped for. The last eight years have been a living hell for us. We wish you to know that we will be ever grateful to you for the time and skill you gave her.

You helped her find herself and know how to cope with so many worries, above all you gave her the will to live and strength from within that no Doctor could or even tried to give her. Fifteen weeks in hospital and she came out no better- on huge amounts of tablets and after a few weeks with you she was off all the strong medicine and by the end with you the improvement was wonderful.

From the moment your receptionist answered the phone to us she gave up hope for we had just left the hospital after being told she was a “hopeless case” . We thank you deeply Alan and Mary and wish you everything that is good in life.
Yours Sincerely
R. and H.

IVF treatment
Dear Alan,
I came to see if you could help me because I had suffered miscarriages and then 4 failed IVF treatments. I was very anxious and had a negative outlook. Thank you for your help getting me to change my negative thinking to positive thinking. As a result of this I have received a positive result on my fifth IVF attempt.

Positive thinking promotes health and well being and I believe Hypnosis helped me to have a more positive outlook, and achieve success on this attempt.
I am still listening to the Cds which keep me calm and reinforce positive thinking to help my success continue. We are very grateful for your help Alan.
Thank you- much appreciated.

Nervous twitch
Dear Alan
Better late than never! I wanted to thank you very much for the help that you gave me for my nervous twitch, it was making my life difficult and made it difficulty for me to go into new situations or even study at school because of the teasing from other children. You were my last resort and glad to say that after a few sessions it disappeared, giving me a much better quality of life! Thanks again.Did I mention that this was 20 years ago, but as I say better late than never.
Michael 🙂 

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