The Phobias List A-Z Compiled By Alan Gilchrist

Over the years, I have had to deal with numerous types of phobias, and what I have done is compiled an A - Z Phobia list and the technical name for it.

See if your phobia is listed here!

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Fast Track Hypnosis can also help with a multitude of other problems, e.g., phobias, as well as the simple ones such as my Fast Track Stop Smoking in 30 minutes or Weight Control.

Over the 35 years in practice, I have successfully treated many thousands of people who have had a phobia.

They ranged from the common phobias such as Claustrophobia to the more unusual, such as a phobia of plastic spiders.

When I first commenced in practice like most people, I assumed that the phobia that I would treat most would be either spider or mice.

Surprisingly, this is not the case. The phobia that I would treat is Blushing ( eureuthophobia ) where I would see quite a few clients per day with this devastating phobia.

A phobia is an irrational fear of people, places, objects or a potential situation.

Phobias can affect a person in different ways. They prefer just to ignore it, to whereby, in a phobic situation their heart beats very fast, perhaps a feeling of nausea, drying of the mouth,  severe tension, difficulty in breathing, to even a feeling of fainting.

Whatever the reason a person develops a phobia, it can completely dominate their lives.

They are continually thinking about it, create scenarios in their mind on how to avoid it. Even if they do have to confront it, how would they react at that time, would they make a complete fool out of themselves etc.

The list is endless!

A phobia is an outward projection of internal anxiety.

It can be created in many ways, such as in severe stress, excessive anxiety caused by a recurring event, or maybe by past trauma.

Various methods can are used to overcome a phobia using hypnosis.

Regression therapy (not past life regression)

They are regressed to try to locate the origin of their phobia and to understand the conditions were that created it,  then attempt to remove the anxiety associated with it.
This can take multiple sessions to try to achieve using normal Hypnotherapy, perhaps up to 15 sessions.

Fast Track Suggestion Therapy

This is a unique system created by me where positive suggestions are implanted into the subconscious mind to counteract their fears and alter the perception of their particular phobia.

I prefer to use the latter method, Fast Track Suggestion Therapy, as in my opinion, it is FASTER and a more EFFECTIVE way of dealing with any phobia.