Fear of injections

Video: Hypnotherapy for Injections Phobia with Alan Gilchrist, Hypnotherapist

Nobody particularly likes getting injections but for some people it is absolutely terrifying.

The phobia of Injections is called Trypanophobia while the phobia of Doctors is called Iatrophobia. Now with the roll out of the covid vaccinations, I am constantly getting people booking in because they now have no option but to confront their needle phobia and to get their injections at some stage within the next few months.

I should also mention that this phobia is not restricted to adults but it goes right across all ages. And I would also see a lot of children who need their mmrs or to go to the dentists but adamantly refuse to do so. Indeed I recently treated a school teacher who, even the mention of the word injection and she would faint. That’s how bad it was for her. You can actually read about her story on my web site alangilchrist.com and how, with my fast track hypnosis system she overcame it.

Now, a phobia is an outward projection of internal anxiety, characterised by an irrational fear of people, places, animals, objects or a potential situation. In reality, it can be created in many ways such as in severe stress, a single event or excessive tension which has been caused by a recurring experience, or maybe by a past trauma How a phobia can affect an individual can vary immensely and it can cause severe disruption to a persons well being. So for this reason, they prefer to try to ignore it, But if they cant and have to face their phobia then they can bring on a panic attack.

This is where their heart starts beating very fast, perhaps a feeling of sickness,a dryness of the mouth, tension, becoming breathless, to even a sense of fainting or actual fainting and much more.

Plus a Phobia can take over their life completely. And as a result, they are always thinking about it, with sleepless nights, and will create the what if scenarios in their mind of how to avoid the phobic situation. And if they do need to face it, how are they going to react at that time, or will they make a complete fool out of themselves, etc.

Now this is where Fast Track Hypnosis is ideal in helping a person overcome their phobia. Hypnosis is only a state of relaxation but while the person is in that state their mind becomes suggestible. So while they are in Hypnosis positive suggestions are implanted into the subconscious mind to counteract their fears and worries and to alter their perception of their particular phobia. For this reason, by using Fast Track Hypnosis it allows the person to react differently to their fear. On the positive side, they will realise and laugh at how ridiculous their fears have been after using the Fast Track Hypnosis system!.

Check out my video for more information…

So if you truly want to overcome your phobia then feel free to contact me Alan Gilchrist on 02890 333303. Thank you for listening to this short video clip I hope it has been informative.