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Stop Smoking with My Fast Track Hypnosis

I have recorded this short video to tell you about the wonderful benefits of the Fast Track Stop Smoking session.


I developed this system over 35 years ago and have proved it works on numerous occasions in the media.  In fact two consumer programmes put it to the test along with follow up sessions at a later date and on both occasions it was very successful with both their candidates still off them.  If you go onto my web site alangilchrist.com you can see both programmes under the media section.

The Fast track Hypnosis Stop Smoking Therapy is done on a one session basis.

Now Hypnosis itself is only a state of relaxation and while the person is in that state their mind become suggestible.  Obviously I don't do party tricks but it is as a device to help the person to quit smoking.  So on their session some of the suggestion that are presented to the subconscious mind are that smoking has no longer any appeal to them.  They refuse any cigarettes that are offered to them and they will start to take a lot more interest in their own shape and fitness plus their health and so on .

I also include into the session at no extra cost another therapy to increase the already high success rate with the Fast Track Hypnosis even more.

Laser Light Therapy

Laser light therapy is loosely based on the acupuncture principle. But it is done without needles and is completely pain free.  It's simply a beam of light placed over the acupuncture points in the persons ear.  The laser basically stimulates the nerve endings to tell the brain to release a flood of endorphins to boost a clients will and determination over the initial days of quitting smoking.

As well as all this, after the session the person is also provided with a download or a CD to play every day for a month afterwards.  This is to reinforce all the suggestions given on the session and also to avoid putting on weight or symptom substituting to something else.

The stop smoking session can also be tailored to help people with other smoking related addictions such as cigars, the pipe or other substances .  In fact I also get people coming through the door who are now completely addicted to the gum or the vape after they have given up smoking on their own.

Quit your Addiction

Over the years I have helped thousands of people quit their addiction. In fact the heaviest smoker I have ever treated was on 160 cigarettes a day and the youngest was only 9 years of age.

COVID and Smoking

Over the last year because the covid outbreak effecting everyone's lifestyle people are now becoming more concerned about their health and the damage smoking is causing them. With more people than ever before now wanting to quit.  In addition to this, as main office is right beside the City Hospital in Belfast, I have a constant stream of people coming through the door having been diagnosed with a smoking related illness.So my advice is stop now before you get to that stage.

On my web site alangilchrist.com there is a complete section about stopping smoking, the effects of smoking and the benefits of quitting.  There is also a calculator on it to tell you how much your smoking addiction has cost you over the years. It will surprise you .

So if you truly want to stop your smoking addiction, then feel free to contact me on 02890 333303
or by email, Facebook or through the contacts page on my web site.