Smoking and Health - The largest cause of ill health and premature deaths in the U.K.

It claims well over 120,000 lives per year. Smoking is the cause of one-third of ALL cancer deaths (40,000 and 82% being lung cancer)

What is in a cigarette?

Below is a list I have produced to highlight the main deadly and strange ingredients a cigarette contains.

There are in actual fact, over 600 ingredients in cigarettes ranging from the bizarre to the deadly.

The main ones only are listed below;

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  • Formaldehyde - used for embalming dead bodies
  • Ammonia - household bleach
  • Acetone - paint stripper
  • Cadmium - used in batteries
  • Aluminium - metal linked with Alzheimer's disease
  • Hydrochloric acid - industrial agent
  • Ethanol - used in antifreeze
  • Furfural - industrial alcohol
  • Maltol - strong alcohol
  • Para-methoxycinnamaldehyde - slug pellets
  • Nicotine - highly toxic nerve poison. A dosage of fifty-thousandths of a gram will kill a person
  • Carbon monoxide - produced by car exhausts
  • D.D.T - banned pesticide
  • Hydrogen cyanide - used in gas chambers in U.S.A

Others ingredients

Hydroquinone; methacoeiin; methyl alcohol; methyl nitrate; ammonia; methlamine; hydrogen sulphide; nickel compounds; benzo(a)pyrene; acetaldehyde; carbon dioxide; methyl ethyl ketone; crotonomitrile; nitrogen dioxide; hydrogen cyanide; hydrocyanic acid; acetonitrile; nitric oxide; acrylonitrile; pyridine; endrin; ethylamine; furfural; cadmium; butadione; nicotine; ddt; ethane; acetylene; metanol; phenol; creosol; benzene 2,3; methanr; isoprene; propane; acrolein; ethylene; tar (residue); metals and many more.

The Bizarre

Cocoa, honey, almonds, caramel, geranium, bay leaf oil, carrot seed oil, coffee, lemongrass, celery seeds, vanilla pods, ...and many more.