The three main stages of smoking a cigarette.

The pictures of a cigarette below are split into 3 parts with an explanation of each third when smoked.

Stage 1 - the first 3rd

After the first few draws of smoking a cigarette, the serious harm begins. Smoke must travel through the entire length of the cigarette and carrying with it tar and nicotine, which is then concentrated in the last 3rd of the cigarette.

Small particles of nicotine and other chemicals are now starting to irritate the very delicate tubes inside the lungs.

Stage 2 - the second 3rd

With more smoke being inhaled and the chemicals are starting to coat the tubes with an oily tar substance, forcing them to produce very thick phlegm.

The lining of the tubes are now more prone to infection by germs, causing even more damage.

Stage 3 - the final 3rd

The tobacco smoke which is now being inhaled is so concentrated with tar that it coats the lungs.

It is causing more irritation and producing much more clinging phlegm than the other two parts that were smoked put together!