"I was a smoker for over 26 years and I am pleased to say that after 1 year I am still off the cigarettes. Best money I ever spent. Cheers for your help Alan! Ciaran "

Benefits from Stopping Smoking Using Fast Track Hypnosis

When you permanently stop smoking, all the benefits of stopping smoking begin within minutes of your last cigarette.


    • Immediately: The air around you is no longer harmful to anyone near you
    • 20 minutes after you quit: Blood pressure and pulse rate now decrease while the body temperature of your hands and feet increases
    • 8 hours: Carbon monoxide and oxygen levels in your body return to normal 24 hours: The chance of a heart attack decreases
    • 48 hours: Your nerve endings start to grow while your sense of smell and taste improves
    • After 2 weeks and 3 months: Your circulation plus your breathing improves and walking becomes easier
    • Between 1 to 9 months: Any coughing, tiredness and shortness of breath decreases - energy levels increase
    • 1 year smoke-free: The serious risk of heart disease is reduced by half of that of a smoker
    • 5 years smoke-free: Your risk of a stroke is now reduced to that of a non-smoker
    • 10 years smoke-free: Smoking-related cancers ( e.g. mouth, throat ) are greatly reduced
    • 15 years smoke-free: Heart disease and your life expectancy is exactly the same as non-smoker
After your session with Alan Gilchrist you will enjoy:
    • Much more energy
    • Cleaner and healthier lungs
    • The chance for a longer and healthier life
    • A clearer throat
    • Much fresher breath
    • Cleaner smelling hair and your clothes
    • Much, much, more money in your pocket !!!

In the 35 years since I first started in practice, I have helped many, many thousands of people stop smoking and enjoy health and freedom from nicotine through the use of Fast Track Stop Smoking Hypnosis.

So when people ask me if they can really stop smoking in just ONE 30 minute session, my answer is "YES"!

"Before calling Alan I smoked up to 40 cigarettes per day. Never have I thought of having one since. Many Thanks, Andrew"

You may have tried to quit on your own many times before and noticed that, after you are beyond any physical addiction to nicotine, you still feel the desire to smoke.

That's because of what is called habitual conditioning - this is also addressed and corrected with Fast Track Stop Smoking Hypnosis.

Fast Track Stop Smoking Hypnotherapy is a superb tool for re-educating the mind by altering subconscious motivations to smoke.

YOU will change any habits and associations that drive much of this behaviour.

Hypnosis to stop smoking is a very powerful tool and with my help, and providing YOU really do WANT to stop, plus are willing to put in some effort, you can STOP smoking for life!
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Downloads or CDs are also provided for post-hypnotic suggestions that help alleviate any physical discomfort you may possibly feel during the first few days after quitting as your body is ridding itself of nicotine and other toxins.

It is designed to reinforce the session and to avoid putting on weight.


Tired of coughing?
Wasting Your Money on Cigarettes or other tobacco products?
Tired of being out of breath with the slightest exertion or exercise?
Do you really want to finally quit smoking? Easily? Reliably? Without any stress?

It takes just ONE 30 minute Fast Track Hypnosis to throw that pack away for good.

It really is that amazing!

Pity Mark Twain didn't know about Fast Track Hypnosis!!