Smoking and Health Issues – Alan Gilchrist gives you the facts!

smoking health issues

Smoking and Health Issues – Alan Gilchrist gives you the facts!

Smoking is the biggest cause of ill health and premature death in the U.K. by claiming over 120,000 lives per year, with smoking being the cause of one third of all cancer deaths (40,000 and 82% being lung cancer).

What is in a Cigarette?

I have produced this list to highlight the main deadly ingredients a cigarette contains.

There are, in fact, over 600 ingredients in a cigarette ranging from the bizarre to the deadly.
The main ones only are listed below;


Formaldehyde – used for embalming dead bodies
Ammonia – household bleach
Acetone – paint stripper
Cadminium – used in batteries

Aluminium – metal linked with Alzheimer’s disease
Hydrochloric acid – industrial agent
Ethanol – used in antifreeze
Furfural – industrial alcohol
Maltol – strong alcohol
Para-methoxycinnamaldehyde.slug pellets
Nicotine – highly toxic nerve poison – A dosage of fifty thousandths of a gram will kill a person

Carbon monoxide – compound produced by car exhausts D.D.T – anned pesticide
Hydrogen cyanide……………..Used in gas chambers in the U.S.A

Others ingredients are as follows;

Hydroquinone; methacoeiin; methyl alcohol; methyl nitrate; ammonia; methlamine; hydrogen sulphide;
nickel compounds; benzo(a)pyrene; acetaldehyde; carbon dioxide; methyl ethyl ketone; crotonomitrile; nitrogen dioxide; hydrogen cyanide; hydrocyanic acid; acetonitrile; nitric oxide; acrylonitrile; pyridine; endrin; ethylamine; furfural; cadmium; butadione; nicotine; ddt; ethane; acethlene; metanol; phenol; creosol; benzene 2,3; methanr; isoprene; propane; acrolein; ethylene; tar (residue); metals …and many more.

The Bizarre

Cocoa, honey , almonds, caramel, geranium, bay leaf oil, carrot seed oil, coffee, lemongrass, celery seeds, vanilla pods, …and many more.


It’s almost two years since I visited Alan for help regarding stopping smoking. In that time I haven’t been tempted once to have a cigarette. It is unbelievable! The best investment I have ever made for my health.
Joan H

Where to start. My name is Jim, I was a heavy smoker ( 40+ ) a day. I am also an insulin dependent diabetic which adds to my chances of a heart attack or a stroke. The problem with being a smoke addict was that I absolutely loved smoking but knew that at 56 years of age and a smoker of over 40 years I was asking for trouble.

I was persuaded by my wife and family to visit renowned Hypnotherapist Alan Gilchrist and went for one 30 minute session.

I have not smoked a single cigarette since that visit……Don’t ask me to explain it.

As I said to my family before the visit, if I felt like smoking – I would smoke, but I can honestly state that I have not even been bothered by being in the company of other smokers.

A few of my friends and colleagues have also taken the plunge also with Alan when they saw it working for me, the couldn’t believe the change in me.


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